Affinity suite is updated to increase performance

While writing this news I have updated my Affinity Photo to the new version 1.10. After many years using Photoshop, a couple ago I decided to try this image editor and the truth is that I am delighted with it.

I took advantage of an offer that they launched for Black Friday, and the truth is that I have not missed any function of the Adobe editor. And with a one-time payment, without monthly subscriptions. This week the entire Affinity suite has received a new update, the 1.10 that remarkably improves performance in demanding tasks.

Affinity announced this week that its suite of visual content creation apps are being updated to version 1.10. Photo, Designer and Publisher thus get a performance boost with these new versions for macOS.

The developer claims that with this update, some processing-intensive tasks run up to 10 times faster.

For example, with Affinity Publisher, a complete memory management rewrite now enables large documents to offer instant load times, smooth live editing, and fast scrolling. It also ensures that IDML import is up to four times faster and text flow speeds nearly double.

With Affinity Designer, from now on its rendering engine is capable of rendering highly complex documents up to 10 times faster than in the previous version.

Affinity Photo It has also received extensive performance tweaks, most importantly adding greater efficiency when combining layers while maintaining a non-destructive workflow.

Affinity v1.10 it is available with a one-time purchase on the Affinity website, while existing users (as is my case) can download the update at no cost. It is also available on the Apple Mac Store.

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