Afghanistan: Hospital attack kills 25, more than 40 injured in Kabul

The authorities raised to 25 the dead and 40 the wounded in a suicide attack with explosives followed by a shooting on Tuesday at a military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, an incident that the Taliban ended and attributed to the group jihadist Islamic State (EI).

“Unfortunately, we have 25 dead in today’s attack on a military hospital, “said a member of the Taliban who requested anonymity, putting the number of wounded at at least 40.

“Our initial information suggests that the attack was carried out by fighters from the EI“he added, before ending it” after the security forces killed the assailants. “

A witness, who requested anonymity, stated from the hospital that “the attackers used firearms and hand grenades to fight against the talibanBut the attack is over and we no longer hear gunshots or explosions. “

According to the spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior Qari Sayed Khosty, the attack began with an initial explosion in front of the entrance of the military hospital Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan, located in the center of the capital and with capacity for about 400 beds.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility.

Hospital Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan is the principal military hospital center Kabul, and is located just a few meters from the embassy of state United and the Afghan Ministry of Health.

Afghanistan targeted by IS terrorist attacks

This center suffered in March 2017 an attack claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) that caused more than thirty deaths and dozens of injuries, after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of the hospital.

The suicide bomber opened the way for three other insurgents who stormed the compound and fired “indiscriminately” until the last of them was killed by Afghan troops six and a half hours after the start of the attack.

The EI it has claimed responsibility for attacks in at least eight of the 34 Afghan provinces since the Taliban seized power on August 15.

The biggest attack on group jihadist In recent months, with about 170 deaths, it took place on August 26 at the airport of Kabul, when thousands of Afghans desperately tried to flee the country on one of the repatriation flights.

In addition, a suicide attack by the EI against a Shiite mosque left at least 80 dead and about 100 wounded in Kunduz on October 8, and another similar attack a week later in southern Kandahar left another 60 dead.

Analysts and experts have pointed out that the group jihadist has become the biggest threat to the security of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, being behind attacks almost daily against the fundamentalists.



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