After 13 years, Coraline briefly comes back to life for a Christmas light show

13 years after her theatrical debut, and while there are still plenty of fans out there wondering if they’ll ever get to see a sequel to Coraline and the Magic Door, Coraline she briefly came back to life along with other Laika Studios characters for one Christmas light show.

Laika brings Coraline Jones back to the set for a stop motion Christmas light show

In a video posted on Laika’s official Twitter account, the team behind Coraline’s stop motion animated films, but also of Paranorman, Boxtrolls, Kubo And Missing Link, in fact, he met during the holidays to rebuild the Pink Palace known in Coraline and the Magic Gate.

The building was then decorated with orOver 900 meters of 0.6mm and 0.3mm led lights, then the protagonists of a light show lasting a few but fascinating seconds. A video that, albeit short, will probably have taken hundreds of hours of work away from several people; simply to make us wish happy holidays

You can take a look at it directly below:

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