After 2 months of waiting, Abandoned for PS5 has abandoned us

Blue Box invites us to be patient

All the rumor mill around Abandoned pointed to the same thing. Konami would be behind the project, which in the hands of Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions, would be responsible for bringing the remake of one of the great PlayStation exclusives.

But after two months of silence, the atmosphere has relaxed, perhaps intentionally to lower the hype and drop things slowly, without haste and with just the right emotion. But again, it’s all just guesswork. The Blue Box Game Studios website continues with its very simple design worthy of a developer studio recently created by some programming students who, far from having time to prepare their website, spend their entire day finishing the game. But not even that.

Without any meaning


The official Twitter account responds very occasionally to a tweet, and the only thing they dare to say is that we will have to wait a little longer to discover the trailer. It is still surprising to us how after a delay of more than a month, the application was launched in PS5 with a simple 5 second clip of image. And it is that no matter how technical that “demo” is (if it can be called that), the insult was enormous for all the users who hoped to see the first images of the game. The worst of course was that those same images were previously shown in an official tweet, so there was no surprise.

It can only be one person

Kojima Summer Game Fest

Such a display of artistic drunkenness financed and supported by Sony herself can only answer one name. And it is that leaving aside the supposed director of Blue Box, Hasam Kahraman, the only person capable of organizing something like this is none other than himself Hideo Kojima. That is the name that was shuffled among the many crazy theories of the internet, and it is again the same name that the latest rumors point to about possible remasters and remakes of various Konami classics.

Menu Abandoned

We will have to wait, but for now despair begins to appear among the many fans who hoped to reveal the enigma soon. The official PS5 application continues to show the sections to come, including a cinematic trailer, a classic trailer, the launch trailer and two videos with gameplay of the game. Yes, we are going to have material to get bored, but for now, the only thing we can play over and over again is the 5 second clip.

All these contents are the ones to come, so in the next updates are the videos that should appear little by little. The question is, when?

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