After 6 Underground, Michael Bay will produce a remake of The Raid

The director will join forces with Gareth Evans, director of the two films, and produce a remake for the platform. The direction was entrusted to the filmmakers behind Hitman and the Bodygards.

The collaboration between Netflix and Michael Bay continues. The director of transformers, after staging 6 Underground, returns to the production of a new action film. New ? Not really since it is a remake of a feature film well known to fans of the genre. The filmmaker will produce a rereading of The Raid, released in 2011 on our screens.

As a reminder, the film directed by Gareth Evans follows the adventures of a team of police officers sent to assault an impregnable citadel in which hides the most dangerous trafficker in the country. Very quickly, they find themselves at the mercy of ultra-trained men. They will have to fight floor after floor to have a chance to survive and complete their mission.

A sequel was produced in 2014, still by Gareth Evans. This time she was following Rama, a young cop from Jakarta when he thought he was returning to a normal life with his wife and son. But he is given a new mission: to infiltrate a crime syndicate.

The director in production

Patrick Hughes (Hitman & Bodyguard) and James Beaufort will be behind the camera this time. However, the director of the two opus will not be very far since he will act as a producer alongside Michael Bay. This time around, the plot will take place in the Philadelphia Badlands, where an elite group of the DEA treads a cartel trail to get their hands on the local boss.

The project is currently in development, so we should not be able to find out right away. Netflix, however, will not fail to tell us more in due course. The Red N has not yet shared the list of actors who will be in the casting.

The platform continues to expand its cinematographic offer, with varying degrees of success. In the vein of Tyler rake, which will be entitled to a sequel, the film is aimed mainly at fans of the genre. And there are many on Netflix, since Tyler Rake had established himself at its release as one of the biggest successes in the history of the platform.

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