After Chrome, Edge reaches version 100 with these new features

As with the search giant, Redmond is now launching the first three-digit version of its web browser. This means that Microsoft Edge 100 is now available for all supported systems. Just like what happened with Chromethis is not a release full of new features and improvements, but we should update as soon as possible.

In fact, we could say that the new Edge 100 is primarily a security update. We tell you this because Microsoft lists up to nine security updates for your software. It must be said that all the security updates of Chromium, the core on which Edge and Chrome are based, are also incorporated in this new version.

News that we find in the new Edge 100

One of the main innovations that we are going to find in the new version of the program corresponds to the string of your user agent. When opening the browser it already defaults to the three-digit version number here. For those of you who don’t know, these user agent strings take care of inform the websites what type of device and operating system we use. Well, the company points out that problems may arise as a result of this. For example, when web portals use buggy analyzers to determine the version number of the browser. Therefore, at the moment some companies are already taking measures to fix the problem temporarily.

Edge 100

Changing the third we tell you that the new version adds to Outlook and to File Browser the option of having a preview PDF files. All this is achieved by the function Microsoft Edge WebView. Additionally, the company notes that this functionality is available for local PDF documents opened in Explorer and for Outlook PDF attachments. Similarly, another built-in change for these types of files is support for open digitally signed PDF documents from the program. Thus, the PDFSecureMode policy can be used to enable the validation of digital signatures in the browser without installing third-party extensions.

When it comes to Edge security, users on Windows now benefit from hardware-enforced protection. Of course, this function requires latest generation processors to work.

How to update Microsoft web browser

Once we know all this, as is usual in these circumstances, it is advisable to update the program as soon as possible. With this we managed to receive the most recent both functional and security news in our team. You have to know that to receive the new Edge 100, we can do it automatically. We just have to go to the Help and feedback / About Microsoft Edge program menu.

In turn, desktop users can load the following from the address bar.


With this is what we achieve is to see the current version and run check for available updates at that moment. Likewise, new users will be able to download the program from the official Microsoft website.

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