After its debut on the stock market, OVHcloud wants to accelerate in 2022

OVHcloud wants to show that its debut on the stock market has been good for it. Despite the fact that last September the objective had been to raise 400 million euros In its premiere, the 350 million euros with which it has finally been presented are certainly a good sign for a multinational that maintains a valuation of € 4.1 billion.

The first opportunity to gain muscle is this week, in which the company celebrates its “OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience” an event that aims to share knowledge and ideas between partners and customers. In this area, the CEO of the company, Michel Paulin, highlighted that what is the largest European cloud provider already has a presence in 140 countries and has 1.6 million customers, with an average year-on-year growth of 20%.

The company, which is still recovering from the serious fire that affected one of its main data centers, located in Strasbourg, nevertheless assures that it is in a position of strength and precisely within the framework of its “Ecosystem Experience” has affirmed that 2022 will be a year in which the company is preparing to accelerate and that it will bring a lot of news.

To do this, it will delve into the strategy that has been working so well in recent years: the development of cloud sovereignty, the commitment to the European Gaia-X program and its positioning as a PaaS partner for all types of companies.

In this sense, the Open Trusted Cloud program stands out, a space in which any company can launch its offer of cloud services, with the commitment that they maintain the spirit of an open and reversible cloud found in the core business from OVHcloud itself. In the case of Gaia-X, John Gazal (VP of OVHcloud for southern Europe and Brazil), indicated at a press conference that the intention of the company is both to continue evangelizing, and to begin collaborating with the government of Spain, that a few weeks ago expressed interest in the constitution of the Spanish HUB of this European initiative.

In the most technological field, the company has announced that throughout 2022 they will add five new databases to their offer and will reinforce Hosted Private Cloud, adding Google Anthos services to those of VMware they already had. In the field of storage, they have committed to include backup solutions in all their products, while introducing new alliances such as NetApp for backups where speed of access is a fundamental factor and with IBM for the plans of tape storage 3 to 5 years.

There is also news in the incorporation of new container orchestrators (Terraform) and an alliance with SAP, which over the next year will make it easier for companies to work with software from the German business management firm, in the OVHcloud cloud.

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