After the blackout, Instagram invites its users to “take a break”

Last week, the social networks of Facebook and Instagram, and the instant messaging application WhatsApp suffered one of the strongest drops in the entire history of their platform, leaving millions of users around the world without service for just over five hours.

This event brought to light the dependence that many users have on the social networks, something that the tech giants have been looking to counteract through further enhancements and updates to their services, such as Apple and its recent “take a break” feature.

In the same way, Instagram through Nick Clegg, in charge of managing Facebook’s international relations, announced in an interview with CNN, the arrival of a new function to the social network called “Take a breath” that will be available in the app in the next few weeks.

Instagram is one of the social networks most used by teenagers, which is why they want people not to see the same content over and over again and it may not be suitable for their well-being. This is reported Clegg, during the interview with CNN.

Take a break, the new Instagram feature

The new function, as its name implies, will help to take a break from using Instagram, and it will also seek to get people to consume other types of content in order to get their attention, there are reports that indicate that this social network affects the health of some users, in the same way, the development of instagram kids, which specializes in children, was put on hold.

All these types of problems are already taken into account and are working on that to be able to improve for the good of the people who use it, at the moment there are no more details about how it will work “Take a breath“Or did what type of content will send the attention, the date of when it will be implemented and in which countries and conditions it will be implemented is not known.

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