After the failure of Silent Hills: Guillermo del Toro will not return to the world of video games

The director and Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro, after the failure of Silent Hills, claimed that game development is no longer for him.

After Silent Hills, Guillermo del Toro is done with video games

In the podcast Happy Sad Confused, the director, who once collaborated with Hideo Kojima to develop Konami’s horror survival video game “Silent Hills” (obviously we are talking about the new chapter of the saga, not the original 1999 game) he explained that he does not believe that “Would develop a game again”.

A statement that comes after his appearance at the 2021 Game Awards, where he commented on the art direction of Silent Hills and said he hoped fans could soon see the new game del Toro had been working on with Kojima for some time. before it was canceled.

“It’s just one of those things in my life that doesn’t make sense”del Toro said at the cancellation of Silent Hills. “I would just like to compare myself with Konami because I don’t understand. It was so perfect, what we were about to do was so compelling. “

Although del Toro didn’t go into detail, he later defined himself “The albatross of video games”.

Video games aside, Del Toro’s latest film, Nightmare Alley, recently released in the United States, has won the hearts of crime and thriller fans. So after all, maybe it’s best that you keep focusing on the movies.

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