After the PS5 and Xbox Series X games at € 80, will the price also increase on PC?

While PC gamers have almost always paid less for their games than their console counterparts, the situation may be about to change. Indeed, the arrival of the PS5 and the Xbox Series has led to an increase in the price of games, which could well affect stores like Steam or the Epix Games Store.

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Ask a PC gamer what the advantages of such a machine over a home console are, and they’ll list you plenty of advantages. Not that the PS5 and Xbox Series X don’t have any points to make, but for many the math is quick. After a (sometimes very) heavy investment, we generally find our account financially speaking to play on PC. This is true if only on the prices of the games themselves.

Indeed, the latter are for the most part cheaper on stores like Steam and Epic Games Store. And this, without counting the many and regular promotions that these stores practice, sometimes going so far as to offer the title in question. In short, PC gamers often have the advantage over the price of games over their consoles comrades, who often have to pay a high price for them. But that may soon change.

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PC gamers fear price increases for their games

Since the release of next gen consoles, publishers no longer hesitate to practice prices up to 80 €, justifying that production costs increase year after year and that players get a richer experience. An argument that holds, but that does a lot of harm to the wallet. While they were until now relatively protected, PC players will also have to empty their pockets to afford Forspoken and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade at their exit.

Square Enix has thus decided toalign prices on all platforms where its games will be available, thereby also selling them for € 80 on PC. A strategy for the moment more or less isolated, but which could well extend to other big names in the industry. It’s a safe bet that in the future, Steam sales will be more popular than ever.

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