After The Witcher, Henry Cavill could play another big name in video games

The British actor is a big fan of video games, and after The Witcher, he would like to tackle Red Dead Redemption.

Currently in the middle of a promotional marathon for the second season of The witcher on Netflix, Henry Cavill has his head full of plans. After Superman and Geralt de Riv, the British actor would indeed like to stage another monument of pop culture. (

An avid gamer, Henry Cavill was asked about video game licenses that could be adapted by Netflix in the future. For several years now, the Red N has been able to capitalize on franchises appreciated by players, but it is at Red Dead Redemption what would the british actor like to tackle. He notably confessed that he had “Recently started” the second part of Rockstar Games: “I really like it. (…) And I think it would be fun to turn into a film ”.

Henry Cavill as Arthur Morgan?

With nearly 40 million copies sold worldwide since its release in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 recounts the adventures of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw on the run in a late 19th century western setting. Developed by Rockstar, already at the origin of the saga GTA, the open-world title had been a huge hit with players. From there to imagine Netflix offering a serial adaptation, there is only one step. The red N has not always shone with its talent on its latest projects, we remember with pain the industrial accident that was Cowboy Bebop, released earlier this year. However, the prospect of discovering Henry Cavill in the guise of Arthur Morgan seems rather encouraging.

Before knowing if the actor will play – one day – the role of the renegade cowboy, Henry Cavill has plenty to do. Season 3 of The witcher is already in the works, while fans can also find it in Enola Holmes season 2, where he plays the very charismatic Sherlock Holmes. On the video game side, it is rumored that Henry Cavill could also be featured in the adaptation of Mass Effect, this time for Amazon Prime Video.

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