After upgrading, Windows 11 will tell you that your PC “does not meet the requirements”

If something works, it is better not to touch it. This premise seems to be unknown to Microsoft, who has been determined to release a new operating system. The new one windows 11 update is showing users a watermark that says that “System requirements are not met” even if they are fulfilled.

We must say that Windows 11 is an operating system created especially for the new Intel processor architecture. Interestingly enough, Microsoft won’t be releasing a new operating system for AMD Ryzen, which uses a very different design from the ones used by Intel. In addition, each update of this software presents new and various problems.

Today in Windows 11 it has problems after an update…

The most problematic update to date was the largely Windows 11 22H2. Twice a year Microsoft releases a big update that implements many improvements. This big update was intended to improve gaming performance. But, it actually caused a loss of performance in games and the update rollout was stalled.

you can install Windows 11 on any team, but if the hardware what do you use does not meet the requirements nonsense from Microsoft, it will tell us that the system is not compatible. Initially, this was only visible in the updates part of the settings panel. To force the user, they created a watermarkwhich indicates it in the desk.

Some users report that this watermark appears after the 22621 update. Specifically, it seems to only affect users who install the latest W11 update in Beta format.

windows 11 operating system

One might think, well, if the system doesn’t meet the requirements, it’s okay for me to notify you. The problem is precisely that It doesn’t matter if you meet the requirements or not., the watermark always appears. As always, a great update from Microsoft, not a botch.

Hold on, because there’s one more twist you haven’t seen coming. The watermark can be removed in a rather curious way. They have discovered that yes deactivate TPMthe watermark will no longer appear.

Remember that the TPM is required by Microsoft to be able to install the Windows 11 operating system. So this seems like a bad joke.

How do I remove this watermark?

The process is not complicated, we must deactivate the group policy to deactivate the watermark of minimum system requirements. We simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Click with the right click on start and then click Look for
  2. Scribe group policy in the search bar and click Edit group policy
  3. we must go to local computer policy
  4. Now we must go to equipment configuration
  5. Next, we must go to Administrative Templates
  6. Finally we access the option of System
  7. in group policy Hide messages when Windows system requirements are not met, click Enable. If you enable this policy setting, messages about not meeting the minimum system requirements will not appear on the desktop or in Settings.

For more experienced users, it can be done by registering as follows:

  • run regedit (Windows key + R and type) or type “Regedit” in the search box on the taskbar
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control PanelUnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache
  • change the SV2 DWORD value within 1 to 0 (22000 means SV1 is set to 0)
  • save and restart

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