After vinyl, it’s time for cassettes to make their comeback

Are cassettes also going to make a comeback? While they have almost disappeared, Tascam decides to produce new ones.

The fashion world has already achieved the feat of resuscitating vinyls, Adèle’s latest album “30” caused a shortage in the singles world (500,000 copies of the album were vinyl). While the beginning of the millennium saw the emergence of portable music players and other MP3s, sidelining CDs and other vinyls, they have not said their last word and are coming back in force.

In recent years, it has indeed become less and less surprising to have a record player at home, as well as a small collection of vinyls, juggling between the titles of a distant time, and the successes of today. hui. This return to the forefront of vinyl has also given ideas to another legendary company in the world of music: Tascam.

Another moment of glory for the “K7 ″?

The latter indeed had its heyday in the heart of the 90s, when everyone wanted audio cassettes to put in their Walkman… a whole era. But since the arrival of MP3s, cassettes have disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Despite this sudden abandonment on the part of the general public, some musicians have always been looking for the “warm” sound of cassettes, and it is to respond to this request that Tascam has just presented a brand new version of its legendary tape cassette.

The latter, based on the model 24 Master High Bias Type II Studios, was designed above all for the musicians themselves. They were designed for the brand’s Portastudio four-track cassette recorders, which are decades old. Tascam has not communicated for the moment on a new generation of recorder, which would be the logical continuation of things.

A tape, not exactly like it used to be

Thanks to this new cassette, artists can record songs as they did a few years ago, without having to worry about tape degradation or other issues of the time, now resolved. According to Tascam, this cassette, although physically very close to what the brand was able to market at the time, is not exactly identical to the model that made it successful.

People who want to use it in the coming months are therefore asked to make some “precise settings” on their recorder in order to have the best possible sound quality. For the moment Tascam has not given much information regarding a release date specifying only that these tapes will be “soon” available. The brand has also made no reference to the price of this product, it will be necessary to wait for a second announcement from it.

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