AfterShokz Changes Its Name, Introducing New Bone Conduction Headphones

The bone conduction specialist AfterShokz becomes Shokz, and takes advantage of CES 2022 to present a new model.

Known for its bone conduction headphones, the AfterShokz brand is officially disappearing, to make way for Shokz, a new identity that she hopes will undoubtedly be more impactful to the public. On the occasion of CES 2022, the firm announced its name change, while presenting Shokz OpenRun, its new helmet for athletes.

What is bone conduction?

Still relatively confidential in the acoustics market, bone conduction works by sending vibrations directly into the bones of the jaw and temples. Correctly positioned, the headphones thus allow sound to bypass the eardrum to arrive directly in the inner ear (cochlear).

In addition to not soliciting the eardrums, the device also has a major advantage, which is not to obstruct the ears of its wearer. For athletes in particular, this means being able to listen to music while remaining attentive to the external environment. You can also check our recommendations on the Bone Conduction Headphone for Running.

Put down the bass

Obviously, bone conduction listening doesn’t just have advantages. Audiophiles particularly criticize the device for often abandoning the bass, for a largely impoverished sound reproduction. A fault which the manufacturer is trying to tackle, with its OpenRun, which has the same characteristics as its flagship model Aeropex, while opting for more powerful bass, and especially a much faster charge : in just 10 minutes, it is thus possible to recover up to 1h30 of listening, enough to satisfy all sportsmen and women.

With its advertised eight hours of autonomy, its IP67 waterproofing and its light weight (only 26 grams), the OpenRun from Shokz is available in four colors (black, blue, red and gray). It is already marketed on the official website of the brand and at certain merchant sites, at the recommended price of € 139.99.

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