AGC and EyeLights present an augmented reality windshield!

According to both companies, conventional displays are fun. The augmented reality windshield improves active safety by showing information where it belongs.

On the occasion of CES, EyeLights and AGC have teamed up to bring industrialized augmented reality solutions to production vehicles, for a better and safer in-car experience. The combined windshield and display technologies combine several advantages, including the larger virtual screen size (550 inches) and the projection distance displayed at 50 meters from the driver.

AGC Automotive technology turns the windshield into a virtual screen making information visible even with sunglasses! The virtual display is powered by the EyeLights operating system for augmented driving using computer vision and AI capabilities.

With all the information in the field of vision – this technology keeps you focused on the road: ” We are convinced that the augmented reality windshield will be the next human-machine interface and that in the future screens will disappear entirely from the dashboard. Augmented reality windshield interface brings transparent, wider and safer interface to unleash the full potential of augmented reality in cars »Declares Romain DUFLOT, CEO of EyeLights.

“Many players are striving to bring new HUD technologiescomplex on the windshield, however they often overlook the many strict optical constraints of the windshield. AGC and EyeLights have shared the same vision: to develop a concept that is both disruptive and pragmatic and we are now ready to produce it in series to improve the driving experience ”

, says Patrick Ayoub, head of automotive sensors and vision at AGC R&D.

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