Age of Empires II becomes DOOM with this incredible mod

DOOM mod for Age of Empires II

Age of DOOM

From the hand of modder Hellknight61 comes this personalized campaign for Age of Empire II called Age of DOOM, a playable story that will allow us to enjoy an adventure inspired by the original DOOM, since the creator of this mod has used game resources such as original game sounds and sprites. The result is an isometric perspective adventure with the gameplay of Age of Empires, tremendously original and with very striking results, since it mixes things from DOOM and DOOM 3, such as the presence of Betruger as the main villain.

Amazing job

Age of DOOM

Far from being a simple installation with the incorporation of sprites and little else, the creator of this magnificent modification has been in charge of including mechanics such as the possibility of activating switches, elevators and teleportation devices, as well as the use of weapons such as the famous shotgun DOOM II double, the rocket launcher or the BFG 9000.

As far as the campaign is concerned, there will be 4 episodes that we can complete, as well as a tutorial and a final chapter that is not yet finished. There are details like the original sounds or the grunt of suffering when we step on lava that are perfectly recognizable, so the essence of DOOM has been fantastically maintained. You just have to take a look at the gameplay to see that we are facing a job with great care and that every DOOM fan will not be able to miss.

The game uses the game’s chat system in a very ingenious way to introduce conversations and present the beginning of the story, and although it is in English, it is something that is worth playing because of how well it is resolved and posed. At the beginning, a black background will present the introduction to the campaign, to finally start the game on Mars, where the demonic wrath of your enemies will be unleashed.

How can I download it?

Age of DOOM

The mod can be downloaded completely free of charge through ModDB, and since the Age of Empires II graphics engine is included, you can run it immediately without installing anything else. You will only have to download the file and unzip it to start playing.

The package includes an installation manual that explains some configuration details to keep in mind, although if you don’t touch anything, you probably won’t have to do anything. To work properly, the game must be running with Windows XP SP3 compatibility and run as Administrator.

Remember that the creator still has a final chapter to complete, so don’t forget to check the updates and progress over time to get the full game.

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