age verification is more complicated than expected

As of December 28, a slew of pornographic sites risk closure due to age verification of their users.

The closure is near for many pornographic sites… at least, temporarily. This December 28, the Superior council of audio-visual should start to crack down and to set up the blocking of certain sites following the entry into force, on October 7, of the decree relating to the modalities of implementation of the measures aiming at protect minors against access to sites disseminating pornographic content.

At the beginning of December, five specific pornographic sites were put on notice by the CSA: they are Pornhub, Tukif, Xhamster, Xvideos and Xnxx. As of December 28, these sites were asked to set up an age verification system for all of their users. This deadline is nevertheless complicated to respect, especially given the difficulties involved in verifying identity.

Personal data at the heart of the problem

Indeed, several methods can be put in place to verify the age of a user, but very few can verify their good faith. The first method is that of the third-party verifier This means that the sites can subcontract identity verification to companies specializing in this field, and which can ask you for a scan of your identity document, or cross-check the information. thanks to social networks, on which you logically entered your date of birth.

However, this poses a huge problem in terms of the protection of personal data and it does not prove that the parts shared with the sites belong to the consumer of the content. Other solutions are therefore possible, such as the blockchain, but will they be implemented for this fateful date?

A blocking of these sites more than imminent

For the moment, everything suggests that these five sites still favor the pop-up window asking the person to click on a button that “confirms” their age. This therefore implies that the CSA can quite ask internet service providers to block sites in France, making them unavailable until an effective and data-protective method has been found.

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