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From left to right | Pablo González, CEO in Spain and Oscar Pierre, executive president of the aggity group

Digital transformation is a backbone in which practically everything enters and on which many partners have relied to weave their strategic plan. However, not all of them have turned out as well as aggity which, despite the last few years of the pandemic, has managed to grow 63% in 2022 and reach more than 30 million euros in turnover. Some numbers that aspire to be much higher in the coming years.

aggity defines itself as a different technology services company. A hybrid that seeks to help companies in their digital transformation from the perspective of business. Oscar Pierre, executive president of the multinational, defined the company as follows:

«We were born as a software company, but we realized that technology is transversal to all companies and we have become a clear IT partner. We apply technology, but we talk more about business and that is appreciated by clients».

The Spanish company has closed its strategic plan and is embarking on a new stage in which it expects reach 55 million euros in 2025. For now, during this 2023 his goal is set at a business increase of 20% to reach 38 million euros.

In order to grow, its strategy is based on several lines of action. attack harder industrial sector where it already has entry into verticals such as pharmacy or food industry.«We know that there is a lot of demand for digital transformation in the industry and we have a team of experts and a platform on which we have worked for 2 years that offers several approaches depending on the interlocutor. For this reason, we believe that it is time to give a boost to this sector”argued Pablo González, recently appointed CEO of the company in Spain.

As a second axis, the company addresses a international expansion plan of its activity in countries with a significant demand for high-value specialized services. Thus, the company will start its activity over the next two years in Australia, Canada, the Nordic European countries, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As the third axis of its business plan, aggity will innovate in the development of new services and solutions around sustainability based on advanced analytics technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for energy efficiency. Likewise, and as a fourth axis, the company plans to establish global alliances with technology manufacturers in EMEA and Latin America.

Alliances to go further

The management of aggity is aware that in the world of technology it is necessary seek collaborations to be stronger. In this sense, the Spanish company has bought 10 companies since 2017 in Spain and Latin America. In fact, at the moment it is in the integration of the latest acquisition.

For entering new countries, aggity also makes use of the established partners in these countries that can offer you their local knowledge: «We begin to have partners in those places where we are entering that are opening up opportunities for us“, explained Pablo González.

In addition, the company collaborates with other more traditional consultancies “who need to add more value to their processes”, added the person in charge of Spain. Their specialization is worth them to go hand in hand with these references and continue to grow.

With all this, aggity has obtained clients of all kinds in Spain, from H&M, Santander, Clarins or LaLiga to international clients such as Banco Pinchincha or Insud Pharma.

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