Aggretsuko 4: that’s when the new episodes will arrive

The long night of the Tudum allowed Netflix to reveal some juicy previews regarding many animated series such as Ultraman And Arcane and, of course, among these could not miss the most brazen metalhead that we all know to be Aggretsuko, show that is preparing to debut with season number 4!

During the Netflix Global Fan Event, in fact, the announcement has arrived regarding the next episodes that will always see our adorable and meek (off the karaoke stage) red pandina as the protagonist.

When is Aggretsuko 4 released?

Aggretsuko 4 will be available in the catalog in December 2021, although a precise date has not been specified at the moment.

Get ready to rock on with Retsuko in AGGRETSUKO SEASON 4 coming December 2021 only on @netflix ? pic.twitter.com/Kfl8lhOM5R

Retsuko is a 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department of her dream company.

However, she gradually realizes that she is forced, by colleagues and superiors, to carry out increasingly impossible, boring and degrading tasks.

Retsuko passively accepts everything and, as a remedy to let off steam, ends up attending karaoke clubs alone and singing death metal songs.

Details on the anime series

The first season of the Sanrio anime (of which you can read our “aggressive” review) debuted on Netflix in April 2018. A Christmas special was then broadcast in December of the same year. In June 2019 the second season of Aggretsuko arrived, while the third was made available last August 27th.

The first anime dedicated to the character (prior to Netflix production) premiered in Japan in April 2016 as part of the Saturday morning Ō-sama no Brunch TBS program and aired new one-minute episodes every week until in March 2018.

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