AI now allows tables to be exported to Google Sheet

Google has just updated its artificial intelligence Bard again, improving its reasoning ability, but above all the conversational AI has just gained a long-awaited feature.

Google sheets bard

Bard just got a big update. One of the main improvements is the introduction of implicit code execution, a technique that allows Bard to handle advanced reasoning and mathematical messages. By detecting computer instructions and executing code in the background, Bard can provide more precise answers to tasks such as reversing words or calculating growth rates.

Jack Krawczyk, product manager at Bard, explains that the company is introducing a new technique called “implicit code execution” that will help Bard “detect compute prompts and run code in the background.” For example, Google asked to reverse the word “Lollipop”, and the AI ​​is then able to give the necessary code in Python to achieve this, and the result obtained by compiling the code.

Bard now lets you export data to Sheet

Along with improvements to math tasks, coding questions, and string manipulation, Bard now offers the possibility to export the tables generated by the chatbot directly into Google Sheets. This feature allows users to seamlessly continue their work in Google Sheets, leveraging data generated by Bard.

This had been demonstrated by Google during the Google I/O, where an employee had asked Bard to create a summary table of various university programs, before exporting it to Google Sheets with one click. It goes without a doubt greatly facilitate collaborative work using AI.

These Google Bard updates reflect Google’s ongoing commitment to improving the capabilities of its AI chatbot. Recent additions, such as precise location support and the ability to present images in replies, have already expanded the functionality of conversational AI to make it smarter, and therefore more competitive against rivals such as ChatGPT.

Unfortunately, we will still have to wait before we can try these new features for ourselves, since we remind you, Google’s AI is not yet available in Europe.

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