AI training will be key to transforming and improving companies, according to an AMD study

AMD has shared the results of a survey conducted to several IT leaders in Europe, and these leave us very interesting details that we are going to review below. 1,500 IT managers participated in this survey, and the questions they focused on the weight of the AI when it comes to transforming and improving businesses, and increasing investments.

Three out of four IT managers in Europe are optimistic about the potential benefits of AI, ranging from increased employee efficiency to automated cybersecurity solutions, and 72% are increasing their investments in AI technologies.

However, while AI presents clear opportunities for organizations to be more productive, efficient and secure, IT managers made clear some uncertainty about the AI ​​adoption timeline, mainly due to the lack of implementation plans and the general readiness of their existing hardware and technology. This reality leads us to consider another important aspect, the investment in information centered on AI.

Still, despite some doubts about security and the perception that training the template would be a burden, it became clear that organizations that have already implemented AI solutions are seeing a positive impact from them, and organizations that lag behind risk being left behind. Nearly 90% of organizations that have prioritized AI deployment say they have already seen increased efficiencies in the workplace.

Matthew Unangst, Senior Manager, Client & Workstation Business at AMD, commented:

“Being an early adopter of AI has its benefits. IT leaders see the benefits of AI-enabled solutions. But their companies need to outline a more focused plan for implementation or risk being left behind. Open software ecosystems, with high performance hardware, are essential and AMD believes in a multi-pronged approach to leveraging AI IP across our entire product portfolio for the benefit of our partners and customers.”

Among the most important conclusions that this AMD survey leaves us, we can also highlight:

  • IT managers recognize the role of AI across the organization in helping business models work more efficiently (74% in Europe) and increase overall employee efficiency (71%).
  • There is greater optimism around the impact of AI on the daily work of IT employees: 81% say that artificial intelligence will enable IT leaders accomplish more tasks in a day, and 72% in Europe believe it will improve their work-life balance.
  • Nearly half (44%) of IT managers say their organization is not prepared to implement AI solutions, and they cite the time and resources for training employees on AI solutions as one of the main obstacles.

You can consult the full report by clicking this link.

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