AIRFORCE and EXPLORER, new modular PC cases from In Win

For most users, the choice of the PC case boils down to choosing a model that is compatible with the rest of the hardware and that is aesthetically pleasing. However, there is a large niche of users who are looking for maximum customization, as well as being able to “get their hands” inside the PC comfortably every time they need it. For the latter case, In Win has now presented its boxes AIRFORCE (ATX format) and EXPLORER (Mini ITX), both from its DIY Series family («do it yourself«) Designed for the most enthusiastic.

In Win, which incorporates the spirit of “do it yourself” in this family of boxes, brings us two new models designed for the most demanding users but, above all, hardware enthusiasts. Thus, the AIRFORCE and EXPLORER models now arrive in two different formats (the first is a midi ATX format, while the second is a compact Mini ITX format) so that DIY enthusiasts can enjoy fully modular boxes with great attention to detail. ; let’s see them.

In Win EXPLORER, customization in ITX format

We start by looking at the In Win EXPLORER, a box in mini ITX format made of reinforced ABS plastic with tempered glass side panels, allowing the user to choose between two different color schemes: Bone White in bone white, which you can see in the image header, and Justice White, the one pictured above these lines that combines vibrant red, blue, and yellow color mixes.

In this box, users will be able to choose between having a front panel made of ventilated ABS plastic or SECC steel, and the best thing is that both panels are included in the box and can be easily interchanged without tools, so users will not have to buy any additional components to be able to change the front of the box . Other tool-less features include quick-release side panels and their dust filters.

Despite being very compact in size, the In Win EXPLORER has quite a spacious interior: it supports triple slot graphics cards and up to 330mm in length, ATX form factor power supplies up to 160mm long, radiators up to 240mm (also 2 x 120mm fans) and two bays for storage drives.

In Win includes with this box three Luna AL120 fans, ideal for both liquid cooling radiators and the box. These fans feature ARGB lighting customizable through the motherboard software. Finally, the front panel incorporates a USB-C 3.1 port plus two normal USB 3.1 Type-A, as well as minijacks for HD audio.

The box is now available in Europe at a suggested retail price of 119 Euros.

In Win AIRFORCE, performance and customization

In Win Airforce

Also made primarily of reinforced ABS plastic with tempered glass side panels, the AIRFORCE model has a modular set of 19 removable parts without tools. In this case we have the Phantom Black model that you can see in the image above, as well as the Justice White model, just like the EXPLORER model that you could see in the previous section.

This is an ATX semi tower with a spacious interior, compatible with E-ATX motherboards up to 12 × 13 inches, graphics cards up to 390 mm in length, CPU coolers up to 170 mm in height, and ATX power supplies up to 180mm long, as well as four storage units. This case is modular, and its entire interior can be modified without the need for tools so that the user can literally assemble their PC in their own way.

The In Win AIRFORCE offers seven fan spaces: three at the front, three at the top, and one at the rear. In Win includes four Luna AL120 ARGB fans from the factory, and its front has a USB-C 3.1 Gen2 port, two USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A ports, and minijack connectors for HD audio.

This box is now available at a suggested retail price of 199 Euros.

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