AirPods 2 and Pro on sale in the middle of Black Friday week

Back Friday has not yet arrived, but if you want to enjoy a practically irresistible offer, you can now buy the second generation AirPods Pro or AirPods at an infinitely lower price than usual. In addition, with all the guarantees that Amazon always offers in all your purchases. Keep reading that we tell you all the details.

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Noise cancellation on offer with the ‘Pro’

Without a doubt, the AirPods marked a before and after in the headphone market, but the improvement in the product with the departure of the AirPods Pro raised the value of the AirPods brand even more. These headphones feature active noise cancellation, ambient mode, which is undoubtedly great for all the occasions when you have them on, but you want to hear with real clarity what is happening around you, and also a fantastic sound quality.

In addition, to all this you have to add the possibility and compatibility with the new spatial audio that Apple Music offers. A perfect and ideal combination, although not as much as the price at which these AirPods Pro are currently available on Amazon. They have a 29% discount, and they are well below their usual price at Apple which is 279 euros. This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase headphones that will leave you very satisfied or satisfied with the performance that they will give you. Of course, as long as they are comfortable and do not fall out of your ear, although if you have that problem, with Amazon you have up to 30 days to be able to return them without any problem or additional cost, so you can try them with complete peace of mind.

AirPods 2: the ones that never fail, also discounted

While the AirPods Pro are headphones that will leave you in awe, many users still prefer both the design and the comfort that the AirPods provide second generation, which after all remain in terms of construction, the same as the first version. But yes, they have certain very interesting improvements that you can enjoy.

AirPods 2

In this case, these second-generation AirPods they have a 34% discount, standing below that barrier of 100 euros, and becoming one of the most successful purchases for all types of users. They do not have noise cancellation, but it is something that many people do not need due to the use they give their headphones, and for this price it is very difficult to find devices that give you that sound quality that these AirPods 2 are capable of offering. Anyway, as with the AirPods Pro, Amazon gives you up to 30 days to try them And in case they don’t convince you, you can return them at no additional cost.

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