AirPods 3: all the good and bad that these headphones hide

When evaluating a design, the personal taste of each one, however, the majority of users have positively valued the evolution of this product, since it has decreased in size and aesthetically if it brings a touch of fresh air to the already traditional second and first generation AirPods. Even so, Apple is missing the possibility of acquiring these AirPods in different colors, since they are only available in white.

Also, unlike AirPods Pro, third-generation AirPods they are not in-ear headphones, that is, they do not have the rubber band, but in that sense they do maintain the line already characteristic of the first and second generation AirPods. This makes it much more pleasant for many users to use them, although we will talk about comfort later in more detail.

Comfort, do they fall out of the ears?

Surely, being headphones that adopt the design line of the AirPods Pro, many users who could not enjoy these headphones due to their shape, doubt if the same will happen to them. This was caused because they did not hold well within his ear. Well, the truth is that as with the AirPods Pro, and practically with any headset of this type, the only way to check it is acquiring and testing them. In this case, Apple when you buy them gives you up to 14 day trial in which you can check if they are comfortable for you or not, and in that case, return them without any problem. Another option that we recommend is Amazon, which in this case grants up to 30 days to make the return.

And it is that although they are not clearly in-ear headphones, the shape of it has changed with respect to that of the first and second generation AirPods. This has been a jug of cold water for some users who got these headphones to replace their AirPods 2 and have found that they fall out of their ears, without going any further, our colleague Fernando, from the YouTube channel, has made this problem visible in one of the channel’s videos that, of course, we recommend you watch.

Sound: great functions and an absence

In the end, these are still headphones, so we think it more than convenient to analyze how they behave in real life environments. And, beyond technical data, these are AirPods that have a lot to say. And you have to listen.

Audio at the height of the best

Leaving aside the design, without a doubt the point where more novelties and, above all, more improvements are noticed is in sound quality. What Apple has wanted is match the AirPods model to the AirPods Pro model, and not only at the design level, but more importantly, in terms of sound quality. These AirPods 3 they can be heard wonderfully, being a real pleasure to listen to music with them on.

AirPods 3

The first outstanding feature in this regard is the Presence of Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking. Whenever you listen to a song with spatial audio activated, the experience will be completely different than without it, and this was something that until now all users of the AirPods range could not do. But it does not come alone, since to make the experience listening to music even more positive, the Cupertino company has also endowed these AirPods 3 with the adaptive equalization, that is, depending on the anatomy of your ear, the sound will come out of the headset in one way or another, with the aim of providing the best possible sound for you. They do this thanks to the inward-facing microphones that detect what you are listening to at all times to fine-tune the low and mid frequencies of each song.

They also have dynamic transducer designed by Apple itself and a special amplifier, which causes the sound quality to be greatly enriched. In fact, all the users who have had the opportunity to try them and who were previously AirPods 2 users, what stands out the most is precisely this, the huge leap in terms of sound quality.

What about noise cancellation?

Surely, if you have been reading each and every one of the sections of this post, you have been imagining that something happened with the noise cancellation when this point was not in the highlights of the headphones. Well, your suspicions are well directed and is that these headphones do not have noise cancellation.

Sound quality AirPods 3

As we have mentioned before, the AirPods 3 are the evolution of the AirPods 2, which do not have noise cancellation, hence they are not in-ear headphones either. The Cupertino company understands that for all those looking for headphones with the ability to cancel noise, they already have the AirPods Pro and even the AirPods Max. Although it is true that, in order to “isolate” the users a little more, it must be said that they have a fairly high maximum volume that can sometimes be used to have a better experience in very noisy environments.

Let’s talk about the microphone

In headphones it is true that the microphone is not the most important part, however, it is not a point that we can ignore since on many occasions, users will have to make use of it, either to send an audio note through a messaging app or simply to answer an incoming call on the iPhone or on the device to which they are connected.

The reality is that this is surely the weakest point of these headphones, although really these and the entire range of AirPods practically. The quality they offer leaves much to be desired, although it is true that for the cases in which we have commented, it may be of some use to you. Even so, they are not headphones with which you can record a podcast or the like, not even remotely, in fact under adverse conditions, the quality of the audio they capture can become unusable even for a call or an audio note. Without a doubt this is the most to improve by Apple for future generations.

Other important features

We have already told you the highlights in terms of news that these AirPods 3 bring. But be careful, this does not end here, since there are many more new things that they incorporate and that, of course, we also want to tell you so that you do not miss not a single detail of these new Apple headphones.

All day battery

One of the biggest concerns that users have when purchasing wireless headphones is autonomy. Well, at this point Apple has also considerably improved this device. According to the Cupertino company, these AirPods 3 will give you up to 6 hours of sound playback with a full charge of the headphones. On the other hand, if you take into account the charge of the case, the autonomy it can go up to 30 hours.

AirPods 3 in the bank

In addition, the novelties in terms of the battery have not only come in the form of more hours of autonomy, but also in how are you going to be able to charge the case. As before, you can connect the case through the Lightning cable to any current source or place them on a wireless charging base, but now, these AirPods 3 incorporate a third option, and that is the case has MagSafe technology, so you can place it in any charger with this technology to charge them and be fully magnetized.

Gestures to use AirPods 3

We continue talking about more changes in these headphones with respect to the previous generation, and now it is the turn of gestures, that is, the actions that you can carry out to control the music without having to use the iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch to which you have these headphones connected. In the same way that the AirPods 3 have adopted the sound quality and the design line of the AirPods Pro, in relation to gestures the same has happened. From now on, users of these headphones will have to press or hold down the headphone pin to interact with it, having the following options.

  • Press once to play audio, pause it, or answer a call.
  • Press twice to go to the next song.
  • Press three times to go back to the previous song.
  • Hold down to activate Siri.
  • Say “Hey Siri” to listen to a song, make a call, get directions, and more.

gestures AirPods 3

Integration with other devices

Obviously, being Apple’s own headphones, you will already know that the integration with the rest of the company’s devices is simply wonderful, even on some occasions. looks like magic. This point is one of the reasons why it is so extremely comfortable to use AirPods, whatever the model, since if you have an Apple ecosystem, moving from one device to another is a tremendous comfort, so much so that, you really don’t have to do anything at all.

Integration of other devices

But beware, after all, these AirPods are Bluetooth headphones and as such, They are also compatible with other non-Apple devices, so if you are reading this and you have an Android or Windows device, you have to know that you can also use these AirPods with it, although that if, that integration with all the company’s devices you will not be able to enjoy it.

The price, the most controversial?

As you already know, whenever Apple launches a product on the market, its price is scrutinized. In this case, the AirPods 3 have slightly increased the price for which the AirPods 2 were sold so far. You can buy them for 199 euros Through Apple’s official website, although you can also find them on Amazon, and surely in a while, with a very pleasant discount for all buyers.

AirPods 3 price

As we said, the price with respect to the AirPods 2 has increased, although really could be justified by the considerable increase in sound quality offered by this third generation. At the end of the day, and as we have already mentioned, these AirPods 3 are AirPods Pro but without noise cancellation, those having a price of 279 euros.

Conclusion to our experience with the AirPods 3

Once you have all the relevant information about the third generation of AirPods, we want to tell you what our experience has been with these headphones, as fortunately we have been lucky enough to be able to test and use them on a day-to-day basis. However, as we always emphasize in these cases, this is a completely personal and subjective opinion, and that may be in line with what you may or may not have.

Experience with AirPods 3The AirPods 3 are fantastic headphones, things as they are, especially because they stand out in two aspects that are basic when it comes to talking about a device like this. Both the sound quality What the comfort They are the hallmarks, and without a doubt they make you enjoy each other a lot, not a lot. However, I am a user who, when leaving home, needs noise cancellation to be able to properly enjoy the music I listen to or my favorite podcasts, and during these days using the AirPods 3 , away from home I have missed that noise cancellation that, in this case, the AirPods Pro do have.

Therefore, if you are a user who really uses headphones at home, they are undoubtedly for you. Now, if you have already enjoyed noise cancellation, and above all, you want to continue enjoying it, obviously these headphones will not be able to provide it. But hey, as we always tell you, we have already put on the table all the information about this device, now you have to be yourself or yourself who makes the decision about whether they are really worth it.

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