AirPods 3 will launch alongside iPhone 13 according to Digitimes

Render AirPods 3

Many are the rumors surrounding the third generation of AirPods 3, a generation that according to Digitimes media, will be officially unveiled on the same day as the next generation of iPhone, number 13. If we consider that production will begin in a few days, this information makes perfect sense.

Although due to the pandemic, the iPhone 12 presentation event was delayed to October, Apple intends to return to the usual calendar September to present the iPhone13, a new generation that will continue to consist of 4 models, although the mini model has not had the success that Apple expected.

Digitimes claims that providers have already started send flexible circuit boards for the new generation of AirPods. Taking this information into account, various sources suggest that the AirPods 3 have a good chance of being officially presented at the presentation event of the iPhone 13 range in September.

This medium does not venture to make a prediction about when they could hit the market, but if we take into account other rumors point to the month of August to start production, it is likely that until the end of September or the beginning of October, this new generation will not reach the market.

The AirPods 3 they will share the design of their brothers the AirPods Pro, which will have a shorter stem. They are expected to include support for Apple’s Spatial Audio feature, available for watching TV shows and movies and (when iOS 15 arrives) for Dolby Atmos music as well.

Regarding the price, this is expected to be the same as the previous two generations and stands at 179 euros.

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