AirPods can be paired with the Nintendo Switch

If you are one of those who like video games but not on your mobile, if not on a console and you know that Apple has the best wireless headphones on the market and you use the Nintendo Switch, you are in luck. While preparing the new model that will be launched next month, the company finally responded to a long wish of its users: the ability to connect AirPods to the console.

After five long years Since the Nintendo Switch was launched, wireless headphones from Apple and other companies will be able to link via Bluetooth. You can enjoy your game sessions quietly sitting on the sofa at home with your family without disturbing them. Being able to hear the music and sound effects of the game without problem.

As Nintendo America announced on Twitter, Nintendo Switch users can now Pair Bluetooth devices for audio output with this new update. On its support page, the Japanese company explains how it will work.

According to what it says on the Nintendo help page, up to two wireless controllers can be connected to one Nintendo Switch system while using Bluetooth audio. Additional wireless controllers cannot be paired until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device.

One of the biggest handicaps of this system is that the AirPods will disconnect during local communication. Such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game. It is possible to use the Pro Controller and AirPods at the same time, but you can’t use two Pro controllers and your wireless headphones simultaneously.

From what we can read it is not a complete system but of course that It is progress and we are very happy about it. In fact, other console companies could take notice of these advances and implement them on their consoles.

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