AirPods, iPad, scholarships and much more as a gift if you are from Washington and you get vaccinated

In March 2020 we began to know a different world because of a Coronavirus. The pandemic was declared and we all know the effects that this decision produced. Soon the vaccines arrived and with them the controversies of whether to inoculate them or not. Many detractors claim problems of side effects but above all of not being effective enough to take risks. Evidence shows otherwise, but many still do not want to be vaccinated. In U.S.A the aim is to encourage adolescents above all and even the mayor of Washington offers AirPods, iPad, and even scholarships if you put your arm around.

Vaccines have proven their effectiveness in the most severe cases of the disease caused by COVID-19. Deaths have dropped in countries where vaccinations have started and older people with previous health problems are no longer at such risk from this new virus that has caused a pandemic. However, there are those who still do not want to be vaccinated. The reasons are varied. We have the deniers declared alluding to a plot through the vaccine even those who do not trust due to the adverse effects of the injection. But there are many more reasons and the problem is those people who do not get vaccinated.

The more people vaccinated, the more likely we are to defeat the virus. In the US, the start of the vaccination campaign was excellent but right now they are at a standstill and have decided to encourage those who have more doubts: adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17. Those who are vaccinated at Brookland MS, Sousa MS or Johnson MS will receive AirPods with their first injection and a chance to win a $ 25,000 scholarship, iPad and headphones.

In a post by Twitter, Mayor Bowser explains that “you must receive your first vaccination at one of the three youth vaccine gift sites«. After that, you can choose between AirPods or a gift card.

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