AirPods Pro 2 and its strange leaked design

More than two years have passed since the launch of the AirPods Pro. And given the success they had and continue to have, it is more than evident that there will be a renewal of these. In fact, numerous leakers have already pointed out that this year we will meet that long-awaited second generation. Of course, it is not known exactly when it will be, although there are forecasts that it will be at the end of the year.

The fact that there is no official information from Apple about the AirPods Pro 2 prevents us from knowing exactly its characteristics. However, thanks to the leaks that have emerged so far, we can foresee some of its possible novelties. News that, by the way, have left us somewhat confused when it comes to design.

Design change and new controls?

Although it is not known if this will be exactly the case, there are several analysts who have predicted that these new headphones will essentially have a very similar design to the current one, but removing sideburns. In other words, they would be headphones with a more in-ear style than ever. This is something that might not affect their ergonomics, but it certainly generates some confusion.

Current AirPods Pro design (left) and possible redesign (right)

In the current AirPods Pro the pins are essential for the playback controls thanks to the haptic button they have. With a press you can pause the content and with a long press you can turn noise cancellation on/off, an essential feature of these headphones. If they finally remove these pins, these controls would have to be relocated and in view of how poorly the touch controls in normal AirPods versions, we question if it is a good idea. Although Apple may have an ace up its sleeve for it.

Amazing sound quality improvements

In addition to the headphones, it is expected that the case be redesigned and incidentally have a greater battery. In fact, the headphones themselves could see this aspect improved as well, leaving behind the 5 uninterrupted hours offered by the current ones.

Although if there is any long-awaited improvement, it is the sound quality, something predictable and that could surprise a lot according to what has been leaked. In addition to the Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio support they already have, these could also be support lossless audio playback on AppleMusic. And this is surprising because, until now, it is something unprecedented in Bluetooth headphones due to the limitations of this technology, therefore being reserved for wired headphones.

AirPods gestures

It’s been known for months that Apple was investigating the possibility of creating a completely revolutionary audio CODEC that would make even more use of Bluetooth technology, although this was more closely associated with AirPlay technology. In any case, it is surprising that it can end up being integrated into these AirPods Pro 2. Could it be that the company has really spent much more time developing this technology.

Be that as it may, we will continue expectantly all the news that may arise around these headphones. We would still have several months left to know them officially and surely, as happened with the AirPods 3, we will have the occasional report from sources close to the company that continues to reveal its news and clarify what we are already learning about.

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