AirPods Pro after more than 2 years of use

How has my experience been?

Surely, the first thing you have to know about AirPods Pro is that These are not headphones for everyone., since for many users the rubber band they present in order to offer better noise cancellation makes them fall out of their ears. Well, that fear was what I had when Apple launched these headphones, since my experience with another similar Beats model had not been very good.

However, my surprise was great when I tried them and saw that yes, I was very comfortable with them, and that is one of the points that I can highlight the most about the AirPods Pro, how comfortable they are to be able to use them daily. Obviously these headphones do not have the best noise cancellation on the market, although they are close, they are not the best in sound quality either, although the experience is very good, but we can say that they are an 8 or a 9 in all points.

Whenever I talk about the AirPods Pro I like to call them the off road headphones, and it is that you do the action you do, the AirPods Pro are going to give you what you need. I personally use them for different taskswhether it’s going for a run, working with them using their fantastic noise cancellation, walking or using them to record the various weekly podcasts that I have, then using one of the star features, ambient mode. It is true that from the outset this functionality does not attract the attention of users, but once you see how well it works and how useful it is, you will not find anything like it in the competition.

AirPods Pro

In addition, another point to note is the autonomy, since the feeling I have is that it is completely infinite. If it is true that I have never needed to spend more than 4 or 5 hours with them on, which is just what they offer autonomy, but the fact that whenever you put them in their case they are charged, it will allow you to live much more calmly, since that you will only have to worry about charging the box every 3 or 4 days depending on the use you make of them.

Do I recommend them?

I think that after reading my experience, very briefly, with the AirPods Pro, you will know exactly what my answer to this question will be. Obviously I recommend these headphonesin fact, all the relatives or friends who have acquired them after my insistence on it, have nothing but good words thanks to the user experience they enjoy with these AirPods Pro in their ears.

Wireless charging AirPods Pro

Now, surely many users are wondering if it is really worth acquiring them right now, since rumors of a possible launch of the AirPods Pro 2 in a few months are sounding strong. My advice is that if you really need quality headphones, with outstanding noise cancellation, comfort and great sound quality, don’t hesitate and buy these AirPods Pro, you won’t regret it. And if you do you can always return them within the 14-day period offered by Apple or the 30 days offered by Amazon.

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