AirPods Pro and Nothing ear 1: know their key differences

Comparative AirPods Pro and Nothing ear 1

Within the wireless headphone market, there are many high-quality options, however, both the AirPods Pro and the Nothing ear 1 are two of the best. Now, which of the two has better noise cancellation? How do they behave in terms of sound quality? And, most importantly, which one is more worth it? We will see point by point what their benefits are and what each one is better at.

Main features

Both the AirPods Pro and the Nothing ear 1 share many of the most striking features, since after all they are two headphones whose main function is to provide users with a way to listen to music, podcasts or any content. audiovisual. But without a doubt, the most outstanding are its sound quality, and of course, noise cancellation.


To talk about these two devices, we are going to start by commenting on everything related to the design of both, and there is a lot to talk about here. First of all, both are in-ear headphones, that is, they have the typical rubber band in the part of the device that is inserted inside the auditory pavilion. However, both the AirPods Pro and the Nothing ear 1 are very similar in terms of the comfort offered by these pads, but even so, there are still users who do not find these types of headphones comfortable and they fall out.

Nothing ear and AirPods Pro

Second, as you can see, the shape of both is very similarIn fact, we could say that the Nothing ear 1 is highly inspired by the AirPods Pro, but with a different touch, and that is that the temple is totally transparent, acquiring a very striking and peculiar design. In addition, another point that must be taken into account in this regard is the colors in which both are available, being the White the only option for Apple, and the black and white for Nothing ear 1, thus giving more options to users. However, both headphones have a really elegant design and, above all, comfortable when using them for long hours. They are not at all flashy and even when combined with clothes they look really good.

Sound quality

One of the most important aspects when assessing the quality of headphones is the sound quality they provide. In this case, it should be noted that both offer a very good listening experienceBut, here the balance is on the side of Apple headphones, something that could be expected given that the price of both devices is quite different.

AirPods Pro in ear

Apple has managed to offer with its AirPods Pro really great sound, where the user is able to distinguish many nuances and where clarity is the predominant note. However, the Nothing ear 1 is not far from this great sound quality, but they do not match how much and how well the AirPods Pro offer in this section.

In addition, you have to take into account another very important factor when comparing these two headphones in sound quality, and that is that if you are an Apple Music user, the AirPods Pro are compatible with two of its star functions, which are the spatial audio and also him lossless audio. In this way, you have to value this aspect a lot if in your day to day you use the Apple music service to listen to your favorite songs and artists.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a quality that over time has been adding a lot of importance to the characteristics of headphones, since it offers the possibility of being able to hear everything much better thanks to the isolation it produces from outside sounds. Well, something similar happens to what we have told you about sound quality.

Nothing ear 1 and AirPods Pro

Apple has achieved if not the best, one of the best noise cancellations on the market in really small headphones, and this is not an easy task. Therefore, again, the AirPods Pro are above of the Nothing ear 1 that, beware, is not very far from these since the cancellation they provide is also really good, but positioning itself one step below those of the Cupertino company.

ambient mode

We got to a point where Apple’s AirPods Pro are unrivaled, and it’s in ambient mode. This is a function that, from the outset, goes quite unnoticed by most users since it is not very striking that a headset makes it easier to hear everything that happens around you, especially when what users are really looking for is have the best noise cancellation.

airpods ambient mode

However, in many cases it is very useful. being able to hear the environment clearly without having to remove the headphones themselves, and that is just what the ambient mode of the AirPods Pro provides, like no one else. In the Nothing ear 1 there is also this function, but the reality is that it is not nearly as well-implemented feature found on AirPods Pro.

Other aspects to consider

Obviously, not all the aspects that you have to assess when evaluating headphones are the sound quality and the cancellation that these may or may not have, but there are other points that will also make the user experience you have with them be positive or negative, and then we will tell you about the most important ones that these AirPods Pro and Nothing ear 1 present.

Sync with Apple devices

One of the great advantages that all Apple devices have is the great synchronization present between all of them, and although at first it may seem like a minor aspect to take into account, really when users enjoy it on a day-to-day basis they realize its value.

iPhone with Nothing and AirPods

Obviously, in this regard the AirPods Pro far outperform the Nothing ear 1, although it is true that the synchronization of the latter is very fast and effective, however, it has nothing to do with how easy and simple it is to use the AirPods Pro with different devices from the Cupertino company. So, if you are a user who has a formed Apple ecosystem and you intend to use your headphones interchangeably with all of them, you have to value very positively all the integration that AirPods Pro have with the ecosystem.

Battery and how to charge them

One aspect that must always be taken into account within this type of headphones is the battery. Well, if we previously commented that the AirPods Pro outperformed the Nothing ear 1, in this case the opposite happens, although the difference is small. Both offer quite good autonomy and enough to be able to use them for long hours without having to worry about the battery, however, below we leave you the duration of each of them.

  • Hours of playback on one charge.
    • AirPods Pro: 4.5 hours
    • Nothing ear 1: 5 hours
  • Hours of autonomy with the case.
    • AirPods Pro: 24 hours
    • Nothing ear 1: 34 hours

nothin and airpods

As you have seen, the big difference lies in the times that you will be able to charge your headphones inside their case. And speaking of the case, here you also have a small difference between both devices, since the case of the Nothing ear 1 can only be loaded connecting them to a USB-C cable, while with the AirPods Pro, your case can be charged through the cable Lightning, with a wireless charging pad, or even through the MagSafe technology. However, although it is more like enjoying all the options that AirPods Pro present when charging them, this is a point that will not clearly mark the experience that users can have with one or the other.


Without a doubt, this is the most differential point that exists between these two devices, what you are going to have to pay if you want to enjoy them in your day to day life. We have already told you what the main characteristics of these two headphones are, which we can consider two of the best on the market, and then you will be able to check what each one of them costs.

  • AirPods Pro: 279 euros
  • Nothing ear 1: 99 euros

Nothing ear 1 black

These are the official prices at which you can buy these two headphones according to their manufacturers. However, in the case of the AirPods Pro, there are many offers that you can find, reaching go down even to 200 euros on Amazon. Even so, the price difference is quite clear and it will have to be you, depending on your needs and demands, who decides if it is worth buying one or the other.

Which is better?

Once you know all the information about the AirPods Pro and the Nothing ear 1, it’s time to give you our personal assessment of which of the two is more worth buying. It’s without doubt that AirPods Pro have more premium features, given its price, but the reality is that the Nothing ear 1 can also be considered one of the best headphones on the market.

Nothin ear 1 black

However, despite the price difference, for a user who is going to use them intensively and who also has a well-trained Apple ecosystem, the AirPods Pro are very worth it, especially if you buy them with a good offer. For all other users, without a doubt the best option is the Nothing ear 1, since it is difficult to find headphones that have a better quality/price ratio, with fantastic sound accompanied by almost perfect noise cancellation, all for less than 100 euros.

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