AirPods Pro receive Conversation Boost functionality in the latest firmware update now available

While we await new news about the renewal of the AirPods and hopefully also the AirPods Pro, the Cupertion-based company has released a new firmware update for the entire AirPods range: AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

But, they are not the only ones since the Beats Solo Pro, the Powerbeats 4 and the Powerbeats Pro have also received a new update of the software that manages them. This new update includes the typical performance improvements and bug fixes. The main novelty is found in the AirPods Pro.

The new version of the software that manages the AirPods Pro offers support for Conversation Boost. This feature, as we can gather from its name, was introduced at the last Apple Developer Conference in June this year and takes advantage of microphone beamforming technology and machine learning to isolate people’s voices.

This function allows the technology focus on the person who is speaking directly in front of the user, isolating the rest of the sounds, which allows users to have conversations without having to remove the headphones when they are in front of a person.

The new firmware installs automatically for users, without the user having the option to install them manually. As long as the AirPods or AirPods Pro are in a charging case and connected to an iOS device, the firmware will install itself.

AirPods users can check current firmware your audio accessories within the Settings application by selecting General, then About, and then selecting the appropriate device from the menu.

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