AirTag traces work very, very well, except in Korea

When the AirTags were presented, they were one of the most anticipated devices both by users and by Apple members themselves. They have turned out to be a very easy to use but above all very effective device. So much so that some have used it for purposes very different from those devised by the company, which has been forced to reprogram them so that they do not continue to prostitute their actual use. The location system works very, very well as this YouTuber has shown. He has sent three different ones to three very emblematic places with very different results.

Elon Musk, Tim Cook and Kim Jong-Un were the recipients of the AirTag. Guess who returned it?

We have been observing how little by little many stories have emerged in relation to AirTags. To the point that some have used it to monitor / harass other people. An option that public opinion has not liked and that Apple wanted to remedy with updates that have made that use less efficient or at least easy to perform.

However, there are other curious and even funny stories regarding the use of Find My and AirTags. This one that we bring you is quite curious and I think it is worth knowing. The idea was had by a YouTuber through his channel MegaLag channel. The idea was to send three AirTags to different people and follow their evolution. In this way we could see how the parcel companies work, the time that is in each place, etc …; All three recipients were special. On the one hand we have Elon Musk. Tim Cook could not miss this appointment. But the surprise was what could happen by sending the device to North Korea.

All AirTags were shipped from Frankfurt, Germany, and the Find My network was able to show where the packets were located. The app placed the AirTags in places like DHL’s facilities and even at the airport before they left for other countries.

The whole story is quite long and has been divided into two videos, but they are quite interesting as the YouTuber details what happened to each AirTag and how the item tracker worked on each trip. They are really worth checking out. I will summarize the journey a bit of each of the AirTags and we will see which one finally reached its destination and what happened to them.

AirTag to Elon Musk

The AirTag sent to Elon Musk arrived at SpaceX headquarters and remained there for two and a half weeks, when it was later spotted at a recycling center before its last signal in Castaic, California. So we think it never got into Elon Musk’s hands and that it would not even enter your company premises. You must be a very busy person to play these “games.”

North Korea

If you thought it was likely that the AirTag had reached the country and even fell into the hands of Kim Jong-Un, you are a candidate for April Fool’s Day jokes. There is so much security in that country that not even close. It is that it did not come close, but for a more technical reason than anything else. A fun fact is that AirTag was sent to South Korea, but it never appeared on Find My since Find My network is not available there due to local regulation

Tim cook

Interestingly, the AirTag sent to Apple Park was suddenly identified somewhere in Nevada, USA YouTuber verified Flight Radar and found that the flight carrying his package flew over that location, so presumably AirTag contacted someone’s iPhone on the plane and immediately posted the location to Find My.

The AirTag arrived at Apple Park and stayed there for six weeks before being shipped back to Germany. Turns out that Apple returned the AirTag with a letter to the YouTuber. The letter was even printed on a paper with rounded corners and was signed by one of Tim Cook’s assistants. The attendee, identified as Michael, said the company was “delighted to hear about the creative uses of AirTags” and mentioned that Tim Cook receives hundreds of letters every month, but that he cannot answer all the letters himself.

Dear Jonathan, Thank you for sharing your project for Apple AirTags. We are delighted to hear about the creative uses of AirTags and how they can improve the lives of our customers. As you can imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of letters each month from clients just like you. Unfortunately, it cannot respond to all requests. But we hope you continue to enjoy your AirTag as you return from your unique trip around the world!

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