AirTags lower their price on Amazon before starting 2022

Don’t you know where the keys are? Have you lost your backpack and want to find it? You can avoid these situations at all times thanks to the acquisition of an Apple AirTag that will allow you to track where your most precious objects are from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Now, this product is on sale and we will tell you all the details to obtain it.

The best discount on AirTag

If right now you access the official Apple website, the official price of this accessory is 35 euros in the case of Spain. Obviously, this may appear to be a high price, but keep in mind that you can crawl for interesting discounts. In this case, you can choose to go to Amazon, which always includes prices that will never be found in the Apple Online Store itself. In this case the 1 AirTag pack can be found at a price of 27.99 euros. This supposes a 20% discount about the original price, or what is the same, 7.01 euros less.

AirTag on the back

All this without any cheating. You should know that in Amazon you can find this completely new product and factory sealed. This is because it is Apple itself that sells its products through this Amazon showcase, making the purchase similar to that of the Apple Store Online, but at a reduced price. In fact, there will be two years warranty The first will be shared with the manufacturer and the second by the store that is selling it. You will even have a month to test the product, and if you are not convinced you can return it without problems.

Why you should buy an AirTag

As we have commented previously, the AirTag is one of the best trackers that exist in the market compatible with the Apple ecosystem. It has hardware that allows it to emit a series of signals, resembling a real beacon, which can be registered by another iPhone. In this way the information of its location and therefore the location of the associated object, will end up appearing in the Search application. All this without having to recharge the equipment, since it has a system of long-lasting batteries buttons that are replaceable. Specifically, it integrates a U1 chip from Apple that offers an ultra-broadband connection.

iPhone and AirTag

Obviously, the company has had to think about resistance. That is why it has been designed to be able to resist water, with a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, which is why the IP67 rating. In addition, a sensor is added accelerometer and also a integrated speaker to be able to emit a sound that allows to locate it. As you can see, the characteristics make this an ideal equipment to be able to track the location of specific objects wherever they are. Even if they are in the middle of the street, you will be able to know where it is, but without forgetting the anti-spying security measures that can be found.

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