Airtags used to stalk the position of an influencer

The young woman, known for her activity as a sports model, explained on social networks that she had been followed without her knowledge by an Airtag from the Apple brand.

If GPS trackers are very practical for finding keys on a daily basis, small accessories can also quickly become formidable tracking tools for ill-intentioned stalkers. The American model Brooks Nader has recently experienced it, reports the channel. Fox news this week-end. While at a bar with friends, the Sport Illustrated model left her seat to go to the bathroom, leaving her empty coat in place. It was not until the evening was over that she received a iPhone notification, telling him that a “Unknown device” had been following her for some time.

Apple wants safe Airtags

It must be said that at a time when GPS trackers are multiplying, Apple is the only company to really get involved in the fight against stalking. When a person travels with an Airtag that does not belong to them, they receive a notification on their iPhone after a few hours. Even on an Android smartphone, the Apple, which we know is very closed to competition, deployed a similar application a few weeks ago to avoid risky situations.

It must be said that malicious people compete in imagination when it comes to using technology to their advantage. In the United States, AirTags are particularly popular with car thieves and hackers. In the case of Brooks Nader, there will ultimately have been more fear than harm: “I am grateful to have received this notification from Apple, otherwise I would never have known”, the model told Fox News, who narrowly escaped her stalker. After sharing her experience with her 2.1 million followers, she finally explains having received many messages from anonymous young women, having had similar experiences.

Remember, however, that if you find an AirTag that is not yours, it is always possible to deactivate it, but also to find its owner thanks to its serial number if it is registered. We explain how to do it right here.

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