Airzone increases its turnover and promotes a new production center in Malaga

Airzone continues with its path of growth. In the first half of the year, the company specializing in the manufacture of climate controlhas registered a 35% increase. In 2021 the company reached a turnover of 65 million euros and, thanks to its commitment to growth and expansion, it has recently announced a investment of 8.5 million euros in a new production center in Malaga in the next three years.

Currently, Airzone already has a R+D+I center, located in the Technological Park of Andalusia (Málaga), which houses the entire development and manufacturing process of its products. Now, the company will invest in the construction of another production center in the city, which will be subject to the highest sustainability standards to reduce its energy consumption. This fact highlights the real commitment of the company to achieve an air conditioning sector responsible and aware.

More than 400,000 systems installed

With 25 years of experience and operations in Spain, France, Italy and the USA, Airzone has installed more than 400,000 zoning systems (air conditioning by zones), both in the residential area and in the tertiary sector. Airzone leads the residential climate control sector in Europe with an average growth of 33% in all markets where it operates. In this way, it responds to the needs posed by the new context, marked by the general increase in energy prices.

Control and zoning: keys to reduce energy dependence

According to data from the European Union, 40% of final energy consumption occurs in buildings and approximately 50% is attributable to heating and cooling systems1. All this, together with the current geopolitical circumstances, have led European organizations to promote the ‘REPowerEU’ plan. It is a tool that seeks to solve the problems of energy dependence faced by the Old Continent.

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Faced with this situation, Airzone provides homes and businesses with an effective solution for reducing consumption: control systems for air conditioning zones (zoning), which allow savings of up to 64% without the need to give up comfort. This is possible thanks to its innovative, effective and realistic solutions.

375 employees currently

Airzone currently has a human team of 375 professionals. In 2021 alone, the company hired 110 new profiles professionals who joined their current work team. With all this, it will continue betting on the city of Malaga as an engine of innovation to maintain its leadership position at European level and help the growth of the local economy; objective that marks its growth strategy for 2023.

Airzone sells its equipment in more than twenty countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or the United States, markets that are characterized by their high competitiveness. 2023 is positioned as a key date in the company’s growth strategy given the implications of government plans in several countries to reduce energy consumption. In this sense, Airzone has registered a growth of 75% in 2022 in Italy.

“The complex geopolitical situation has caused a clear awareness on the part of society regarding the need to reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment, as well as reducing energy consumption as the best tool to combat its rise”, declares Antonio Mediato, founder and CEO of Airzone. “In this context, Airzone is presented as an effective solution to respond to the needs of a new social context: maintain efficiency without giving up comfort”, Mediate concludes.

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