Akamai buys Ondat to further boost its cloud offering

The company specialized in CDN Akamai has bought the cloud storage technology provider company Ondat. This is an operation focused on strengthening Akamai Connected Cloud, a cloud storage service that Akamai recently announced, and with which it marks its intention to diversify its service offering beyond CDNs.

Details of the transaction are unknown, and the amount Akamai will pay for Ondat is unknown. Among the little information that has emerged, its closing date: if everything goes well, Akamai will definitively close the purchase of Ondat at the end of this same month of March.

Ondat is dedicated to the development of cloud-native storage systems for Kubernetes, and it works with any type of application, infrastructure and orchestration. It has three levels of offer, ranging from a completely free one that offers unlimited nodes, 1 TB of capacity for each cluster and unlimited clusters; up to one for enterprise with unlimited cloud storage capacity, 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager for $750 per node per year for a virtual machine.

For its part, Akamai has evolved from being the world’s leading CDN company to a company that, in its own words, aspires to “boost and protect life online“, and which engages with billions of end-users every day. It does so through a backbone present in more than 130 countries.

His purchase of the hosting company Linode marked the beginning of his expansion, in March 2022. With Linode he got the necessary tools to compete with Cloudflare, perhaps his main rival. But also with other hyperscalers that had improved their product and service offerings to compete directly with traditional CDNs. In any case, its main task, offering CDN services, allows companies to run workloads closer to where they are needed, no matter where on the planet that is.

But other than this, the company has expanded its range of products and services in recent years. Currently already offers more than 80and in addition to cloud and VPS hosting, it also offers cloud firewall, DNS management, cloud backup, and DDoS protection.

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