Akamai Connected Cloud, an innovative approach to cloud computing services, is born

Akamai Technologies, the cloud services company, has announced the entry into the market of a new service. Is about Akamai Connected Cloudan efficient platform that is incorporated into the edge Yet the massively distributed cloud for cloud computing, security and distribution of content. However, it will keep all applications and experiences within the reach of the user through a network of massive scale.

The doctor Tom Leighton, a contributor and CEO of Akamai, says the company is creating the cloud you’ll need for the next decade, with a different approach to traditional cloud computing and an emphasis on protecting the Internet for the world’s largest enterprises. With Akamai Connected Cloud, it is possible to add new centers on the same underlying backbone network, in such a way that they add to the more than 4,100 locations spread across 135 countries.

Akamai’s goal is to take a prime position on the edge, scaling all the content that is acquired and bringing these digital experiences closer to the users. But always defending the cybersecurity of companies. Scalability is the essence of the company and is intended to protect companies facing high levels of work performance such as media, gaming, SaaS providers, retail and government institutions.

New cloud computing applications

Together with the efficient platform of Akamai Connected Cloud, they have announced new strategic cloud computing services so developers can build and protect high-performance workloads while maintaining a permanent Internet connection.

New enterprise-scale cloud computing core centers: They are being built in Europe and the United States, and like the rest of the eleven cloud computing centers that Akamai already had, the new ones will be connected to its backbone network, the world’s most distributed edge network. They are expected to be fully operational from the second quarter of 2023.

In the same way, they will include all the services acquired through Linode, absorbed in 2022 by Akamai. They will serve as an exponential method, because if their infrastructures and functionalities progress optimally, they will launch ten new additional sites during this course. So that will reach up to 50 cities where you believe your basic cloud computing capabilities should be present, as they are not served by traditional cloud providers.

New data delivery pricing: Akamai is betting on a pricing structure that will use the power of the network to reduce the cost of data delivery, that is, egress costs, incorporating the economics of CDN to data transfer in Cloud. Thus, it will offer reduced delivery rates compared to hyperscalar and alternative cloud service providers.

Strict compliance with regulations: specifically the rules ISO, SOC2 and HIPAA. Akamai is committed to providing security to its cloud computing services and customer data, as well as moving important workloads.

Implementation of Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program: It is the new technological partner program designed to provide its clients with services based on interoperable solutions with Akamai Connected Cloud. These services will be provided by your technology partners to complete an exhaustive qualification process and ensure that they scale through your platform.

The efficient cloud computing solutions at lower cost offered by Akamai guarantee the scalability and the high performance as an element of future progression. From Akamai they are aware that the cloud represents a step forward in the face of great business challenges, forcing institutions to promote their digital transformation to overcome the limits they face. Akamai cloud computing guarantees speed, flexibility, performance, connectivity and unlimited growth to customers who bet on it.

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