Albert Climent, new advisor to ACCIÓ to promote innovation in Catalan SMEs

Albert Climent, CTO of Pervasive Technologies, has become the new advisor to ACCIÓ, an agency created to improve the competitiveness of Catalan companies. The entity is specialized in promoting innovation and internationalization with different programs and actions that offer financing, support, consulting, training, etc.

Attached to the Department of Business and Labor, ACCIÓ is the public reference to contribute to the transformation of Catalan companies promoting and advising them on their implementation in new markets and the discovery of global business opportunities, and facilitating the entire internationalization and innovation process with the knowledge of its team of experts and multidisciplinary advisers to which the CTO of Pervasive Technologies has just joined.

Climent He has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona and has a Master’s degree in Automatic Control and Robotics from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Also professor of the MEBDS Master at the International University of Catalonia (UIC). As an ACCIÓ advisor, Climent will offer its experience and knowledge to companies, especially in robotics, AI and Big Data projects.

Startups are a priority for this agency, not only because of their disruptive projects that impact the entire Catalan business fabric, but also because they are a source of innovation for larger companies.

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