Alert for dangerous Android users app steals bank details

There is an application available in the operating system Android that set off the alarms of police authorities due to reports of cybercrime. This app, very popular due to its supposed use for specific problems, especially for university students, uses the data of the device and commits a Stole virtual, emptying bank accounts and obtaining other sensitive data.

Different specialized sites warned about a app from Android that was in charge of absorbing all kinds of information from the victim’s cell phone. The app is a fake PDF document editor, a functionality that very few mobile devices have, therefore the scam started when the person trusted that this software would help them modify PDF files and, contrary to what was thought, it started the process of Stole.

The alarming fact is that the application designed to eat cybercrime was for a long time in the list of most popular apps on Google Play. Under the name “PDF +”, the malware allowed the criminals to grant themselves special permissions and initiate the theft. Therefore, those clients with Android they have been victims of millionaire thefts.

The procedure started with an identical description that PDF + had copied from another app of iOS, including its images. That is why he got around the obstacles and was able to easily enter the store he has Android for its users to download for free. Once the subject had installed the app, the service required a supposed update. And that is where the authorization given by the owner of the device also allowed infection with a banking Trojan.

Once the app already had the malware installed on the smartphone, the Stole. Consequently, Android users lost control of the cell phone screen, as well as other apps, which allowed thieves to access bank accounts and steal money, as well as specific data found on social networks.

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