Alexa can now tell you the air quality you have at home

Alexa can do just about everything, from helping you with that cooking recipe, to telling you to grab the umbrella, to playing with you for a bit. And now, he will be able to do something new and very interesting, tell you at all times the quality of the air you have at home. We tell you about this news, because it is very interesting and, if you hurry, you can get it in time for the Three Kings.

The Amazon Air Quality Monitor

Alexa has become indispensable for those who have an Amazon smart speaker Threw out, and now it will be even more so with a feature that will be useful to many.

Amazon, within its home automation line Smart, He has launched your device Air Quality Monitor (Air quality monitor).

As its name indicates, this device will allow you to measure the quality of the air that you breathe at home. And, of course, it is compatible with Alexa, so you can ask her at any time and she will answer you how is the air you breathe, taking into account the most important.

The device costs about 80 euros and need some speaker with Alexa, it is not integrated as standard. Also, if you buy it now, it will arrive in time for the Three Wise Men.

How the Air Quality Monitor for Alexa works

If we live in the city, and especially near large avenues or congested places, the air quality suffers. And it is not silly, because it has been shown that this pollution affects allergies, causes respiratory problems, worsens heart and lung conditions …

According to the most recent data, almost 90% of Spaniards have breathed air that is too polluted. Luckily, that can now be mitigated with Alexa and an air filter (which you’ll have to buy separately, of course).

Your air quality monitor is capable of measuring the most important and harmful, which is:

  • Suspended particles (P.M). If you have an allergy, this is a must.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC). This refers to possible harmful substances in the air.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO). So it also serves as a detector for this dangerous gas, which can sometimes accumulate due to the action of stoves, for example, and we do not realize that it is happening, until it is too late.

Other than that, Alexa will also be able to tell you humidity and temperature exact one you have at home.

Operation couldn’t be easier. Simply plug in the air quality monitor, connect to the app from Alexa on your mobile and follow the instructions on the screen.

Alexa App for Air Quality

The device is small, discreet and fits perfectly with any décor. Besides that, it also has one LED indicator light that lets you know the quality of the air just by looking at it, without having to ask Alexa.

As long as it is green, everything is fine, but if it changes color, it is ideal that you connect some kind of air filter device. Fortunately, some are quite inexpensive and work well.

Similarly, in the Alexa app, or on your speaker Echo show With screen, you can see the specific data, the composition of the air and trends, both the quality of what you breathe, and the temperatureto and humidity.

As you can see, Alexa is becoming more and more useful. If you add this air quality monitor now, you will be able to measure one of the most important and undervalued aspects of our health.

This article contains an affiliate link. If you buy the product, The Output could get some small commission. However, Amazon has not influenced this content at all. We show it to you because it is an important topic and a very interesting home automation device.

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