Alexa has lost a skill that you probably didn’t know about

Alexa is becoming more and more capable of doing things. From following your orders on Amazon, to playing with you and, more recently, transferring your music from one speaker to another, if you have several in different corners of the house.

However, updates do not always add things and in this case Amazon has sent an email to the users of the speakers Threw out communicating that Alexa will no longer do something that, until now, it could do: read your emails aloud.

Not only that, they have also obviously removed the ability to answer them using voice commands, dictating the response to Alexa, without having to turn on the computer or touch the mobile.

Why can’t Alexa read your emails anymore?

In the email that Amazon sent to its users of Threw out (and that you will no longer be able to hear aloud), Jeff Bezos’ company does not give a specific reason. What’s more, the disappearance of this feature is quite abrupt, because they barely gave a few days’ notice and the change came into effect on November 8.

As with the advisory email, Amazon has not specified an exact reason when asked by the media about this issue. In a reply to TechHive, they simply said this:

“On a regular basis, we evaluate the features and experiences available to customers, prioritizing those that make life easier for users and allow them to get the most out of their Alexa experience.”

Translated, it goes on to say diplomatically that, apparently, not many customers used email read aloud with Alexa. For this reason, you probably haven’t even noticed that it has disappeared.

What you will no longer be able to do with Alexa when you stop reading your emails

It is undeniable that, in these times when privacy on-line is increasingly rare, many users have received this news with relief. Few want Alexa to read what is intimate in their Gmail account, for that Google itself is already there.

The fact that you can no longer connect your email accounts to your speaker Threw out will also make it is not possible to trace the shipment and arrival of third-party packages other than Amazon.

From now on, Alexa will only report the orders you place in the Jeff Bezos store and nothing else.

However, this can have another unintended consequence. Older users with visual problems, or people with a disability that makes it difficult for them to handle email, will not be able to listen to or answer the email messages they receive.

When you do not understand well with a computer or mobile, or if you have problems in its use, features like this are missed.

So some breathe easy and the few who used it will be disappointed, but be that as it may, Alexa will no longer be able to take a look at your emails.

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