Alexa will now recommend Netflix series and movies: here’s what we know

Voice assistants have become one of the fastest growing tools during the last five years, every day they are more widely accepted, which is why we constantly see new gadgets capable of integrating with these devices to form an intelligent ecosystem-

One of the best known assistants today is the Alexa, from amazon, It has multiple functions that help us on a day-to-day basis, from monitoring the weather, some mathematical additions, to something more complex such as routines for turning lights on and off and moving doors.

For this reason, he is always learning and developing new skills and functions that help improve his service. Currently on devices that have a screen like the Echo, you can play content from Amazon Prime Video and even search for information on the internet thanks to your browser, play music and display the lyrics of the songs.

New functions

One of the functions that is added in the new update is to be able to reproduce content from Netflix, now Alexa will be able to reproduce recommendations from this video platform. In October the function of “reproduce something“which makes Alexa start playing” random “content, either video or audio.

We’re excited to partner with Fire TV to bring Alexa voice technology to Netflix’s Play Something feature. Now you can instantly discover a series or movie based on what you’ve seen before that we know you’ll love, said Magno Herran, Netflix’s director of marketing partnerships (via The Verge).

Although the video platform is direct competition from Amazon, now with the command, Alexa plays something on Netflix will allow you to connect to open the recommended content section. At the moment there are some limitations, since this function is only available in the United States and Canada, although it is expected that it will soon reach all the countries where Amazon has a presence, including Mexico.

One of the fundamental requirements to be able to use this function is to have a Fire TV stick device, which will be linked to Amazon’s voice assistant, which will be responsible for reproducing the content.

Alexa is currently the only assistant that is capable of playing content from both Prime as from Netflix, since at the moment Google Assistant it does not yet have such a function.


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