Alexa will yell at you if necessary for you to hear it correctly

Alexa wants to listen to you and that you always listen to her

The reasons why you may prefer Amazon’s Alexa over other solutions like Apple’s Google Assistant or Siri can be as many as you want. It is true that that does not mean that it is the best voice assistant on the market, each one really has its pluses and minuses, but it is one of the ones that offers the best overall experience.

Alexa offers small details that are very noticeable on a day-to-day basis. Or rather, they miss each other a lot when you make use of other solutions. For example, him whisper mode is one of them. That the assistant is able to recognize that you are speaking with a lower tone than usual, whispering the commands, allows them to respond in the same way later.

That is, if you tell him softly that he turns on the lights in the room, he will do it and he will give you the confirmation that he will carry out the order with the same low tone. This does not happen with other attendees and you get tremendous scares if, for example, it is late at night or at dawn.

Well, now the company is working on a new mode for Alexa that you could say is a kind of complement to said mode whisper and they have named Adaptive Volume mode. So thanks to him, Alexa will communicate with you in an edicient way because if you have to shout for him to hear her, he will.

Adaptive Alexa Volume Mode

The Adaptive volume It’s the new mode for the Amazon Echo and other Alexa-compatible devices that Amazon is working on. This consists of intelligently adapting the sound level to which the company’s voice assistant will respond to you.

To make this volume adjustment, it will rely on the microphones that will analyze possible noises that surround the speaker. For example, if you have views at home, children playing, noises from nearby construction sites, … anything that may prevent you from hearing Alexa well will make her speak to you as if your mother or father were yelling at you to get up to go to school.

So it would be like the antithesis or ideal complement to another mode already seen and about which we recently told you how to activate the whisper mode of Alexa.

How to activate the adaptive volume of Alexa

To activate the new Adaptive Volume mode, once it is extended globally for all Alexa users, the only thing you will have to say is the command «Alexa, turn on volume mode“And if you want to stop using it, then you will have to use” Alexa, turn off Alexa mode. “

Finally, the ideal would also be that in the same way that the output volume is going to be adapted when there is noise, it should also do the opposite. That is, if it detects that there is no noise, it lowers it and thus we do not avoid possible upsets. Of course, if we have more or less clear hours, this is something that can be solved through routines to adjust the volume of Siri automatically according to the criteria that are established.

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