Alien: is it true that “no one in space can hear you scream”? NASA responds

According to the famous tag line of Alien, the 1979 film directed by Ridley Scott, “In space no one can hear you scream”. For Halloween, NASA wanted to answer the question of those who wonder if this is really the case by writing on Twitter:

“Halloween is approaching and everyone wants to know: is it true that no one can hear you scream in space?”

In space can no one really hear us scream? Here is NASA’s answer

An answer to the question came shortly after from the American space agency, which explained that “Technically, human ears would not be able to hear any sounds (or screams) without air in the vacuum of space. However, our spacecraft sometimes collects data that can be converted into sounds that human ears CAN hear. And some of them can be a little… scary. “

Here is the tweet:

What are these sounds?

On the official NASA website, the agency has created a playlist called SoundCloud Halloween, which collects the scariest sounds ever recorded in (and from) space during its 63 years of activity.

Among these are the pulsations of the Red Giant Edasich, the sound of the winds of Mars and the pulsations of the star 74 Draconis. Stuff to make Koothrappali’s hair stand on end.

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