Aliexpress passes Intel and AMD: this is its CPU with 128 Cores!

If you think about it, having to control the volume of logistics information of millions of simultaneous shipments around the world is something that a simple desktop CPU cannot do, not even the powerful HEDT processors could handle such amount of volumes of data. Luckily for large distributors such as Amazon and Alibaba, which owns AliExpress, their business volume is so large that they allow themselves the luxury of investing in the development of processors for internal use.

In the case of the Chinese multinational Alibaba, it is true that they had already developed a processor focused on artificial intelligence under the name Hanguang 800, but the new Yitian 710 CPU they have presented is not for a specific task, but rather as a central processor for their servers, so it can be said that both Intel and AMD have lost one of their biggest potential customers.

This is Alibaba’s Yitian 710 CPU

Alibaba Yitian 710 CPU

The technical specifications of this CPU for servers are spectacular, to begin with it is a design manufactured under the 5 nm node of TSMC that is composed of 128 cores with ISA ARMv9 running at 3.2 GHz speed and with 8 channels of DDR5 memory around it. Only with these data it is clear to us that it is not a processor designed to be installed in any type of home computer and that the people of Alibaba have included the latest technologies and we must also add 96 lanes PCI Express 5.0 to the equation.

So the Yitian 710 becomes the most powerful CPU under ISA ARM to date, outperforming ARM’s own Neoverse and designs like Nuvia and Fujitsu. Of course, do not expect to see it marketed outside of Alibaba itself, since it will be used to improve the service of its companies such as AliExpress. Let’s not forget that its direct rival, Amazon, has also been betting on computing for years and the development of new processors as a differential factor to improve the efficiency of its business model.

Keep your Intel, NVIDIA and AMD CPU / GPU in the cloud

Data center

From Alibaba they have clarified that they do not have plans to transfer their cloud service exclusively to the new Yitian 710 and if the clients of their remote computing services require the use of other CPUs and GPUs such as those of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD, they do not they will stop providing this service, although they will also add their new processor among the options to choose from.

Let’s not forget that Cloud Computing is similar to the timeshare terminals of the 70s and its business model is not based on selling processors, but on selling airtime to its customers. Hence, they have so many cores, because their power is divided between the different virtual machines that have to run at the same time.

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