All about Amazon’s first Smart TVs with Alexa

Amazon and its relationship with the television

The love relationship between Amazon and the television is not new. For years the company has been offering various products that seek to enrich the user experience through access to its own services among other extras.

This is how the Fire TV Stick, Cube, etc. were born. These devices are connected to televisions through an HDMI connection and not only allow you to enjoy proposals such as Prime Video, Music Unlimited or the company’s own assistant, Alexa. With them you also have access to third-party services.

In this way and through its own operating system, Fire TV OS (based on Android), the company was able to give its customers a very capable product in everything related to the multimedia world.

That success led them to license Fire TV OS to other manufacturers so they could enhance their Smart TV side. For example, Toshiba was one of the first to jump on the Amazon bandwagon to compete with what brands such as LG, Samsung or Sony, among others, were offering to their customers through Smart TV platforms such as webOS, Tizen or Android TV.

Amazon Smart TVs are a reality

After all this journey Amazon has decided to launch its own smart TVs. This should not be surprising either, because with so much sales data, you know perfectly well which businesses can be more or less profitable.

His first outpost in the television sector consists of two series. On one side is the series Amazon TV 4It is the most modest in terms of performance and aspects such as design. For another, Amazon Fire TV Onmni is the most complete. Still, neither of the two proposals is aimed at the high-end sector right now.

Getting into high-end models without much experience or renown is difficult even for a giant like Amazon. Because brands like LG, Samsung, Sony or Panasonic are very well positioned and set to spend more than 1,500 or 2,000 euros on a TV, it is better to go on a winning horse.

So the idea of ​​Amazon is to offer a series of televisions interesting in features and price. Which, everything is said in passing, will not have it easy with manufacturers like Xiaomi in between.

Amazon Fire TV Omni

The Omni series of Amazon TVs is, as we have said, the more ambitious of the two. This is made up of a greater number of diagonals available, also better features and a series of extras that will compensate more or less depending on what type of user.

These are the main features from the Amazon TV Omni Series:

  • Panel Direct LED
  • 4K resolution at 60 Hz
  • 43-, 50-, 55-, 65- and 75-inch screen sizes
  • Support for HDR 10, HGL, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Vision content
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound support
  • Connections: 3 x HDMI 2.0 1 x HDMI 2.1 with eARC support, Ethernet, USB, WiFi and BT 5.0
  • Fire TV OS operating system
  • Integration with Alexa and hands-free mode

On a technical level, this Amazon series is still a mid-range TV, something that is also confirmed by the prices. Why these new smart TVs from Amazon will cost starting at $ 409.

Regarding the design, it must be admitted that without being outstanding at all, they do offer some attractive finishes. The front part, the most important of all, is quite clean and with very thin frames.

It also has very stylized and minimalist legs as we have seen in other televisions. These have a silver finish and can of course be removed in case you want to hang the TV on the wall.

For the rest, the most interesting thing about this TV is in the use of the Fire TV OS operating system and the integration with Alexa. Here you will not only be able to access all the services of the company and those of third parties such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Youtube, etc., which are available for the platform, but also control through voice commands.

Thanks to hands-free mode for Alexa, these televisions can be controlled with a traditional remote that also integrates a microphone to interact with Alexa. But if you do not want to depend on the remote, you will only have to allow Alexa active listening so that, when you say the activation command, you can control everything on the TV based on commands. From power on to off, source change or multimedia service you can control.

Basically this is like connecting a Fire TV Cube with some extras or without the limitations of not being integrated as such. In addition, that integration with Alexa would allow you to use the TV as if it were an Amazon Echo. That is, to control the rest of the connected devices you have at home.

Amazon Fire TV 4 Series

Along with the Omni range the Amazon Fire TV 4 Series also arrive, this is a somewhat more modest proposal and it shows by seeing some shortcomings in terms of options.

The main features of the Amazon Fire TV 4 Series are:

  • Panel Direct LED
  • 4K resolution at 60 Hz
  • 43-, 50- and 55-inch screen sizes
  • Support for HDR 10, HGL, Dolby Digital Plus content
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound support
  • Connections: 3 x HDMI 2.0 1 x HDMI 2.1 with eARC support, Ethernet, USB, WiFi and BT 5.0
  • Fire TV OS operating system
  • Integration with Alexa

With a price from 369 euros, this series is somewhat more modest and it also shows in the design. It is not a bad proposal on an aesthetic level, but it could be said that it has less striking details so that the extra you pay for one or the other is somewhat more evident at first sight.

Differences and prices of the Smart TV Amazon Fire TV

Reviewing the characteristics of both series it is possible to see clearly which they are the differences between one and the other. The first and most remarkable is that of design. It is not that there is a brutal jump, but there is enough so that that small difference between one and the other can compensate according to which users.

It should also be noted that the largest diagonals are only available in the Omni series (65 and 75 inches). Two screen sizes that are increasingly common in living rooms, because with 4K resolution and reduced frames, they no longer appear so large.

For the rest, at the level of image quality they also seem to be very similar. Yes it is true that again the 65-inch and 75-inch models are the only models with Dolby Vision, but otherwise, only the PiP Mode and hands-free for using Alexa without the need for a remote control is what makes the difference.

So, it is already a matter of assessing what may interest you the most. Once done, the prices for Amazon’s new smart TVs are:

  • Amazon Fire TV 4 Series (43 ″): $ 369
  • Amazon Fire TV 4 Series (50 ″): $ 469
  • Amazon Fire TV 4 Series (55 ″): $ 519
  • Amazon Fire TV Omni Series (43 ″): $ 409
  • Amazon Fire TV Omni Series (50 ″): $ 509
  • Amazon Fire TV Omni Series (55 ″): $ 559
  • Amazon Fire TV Omni Series (65 ″ – Dolby Vision): $ 829
  • Amazon Fire TV Omni Series (75 ″ – Dolby Vision): $ 1,099

Of course, the prices are in dollars only because it is in USA where for now they will be for sale. The company has yet to announce or comment on taking them to other markets. Although presumably it will be a matter of time before they appear in other Amazon stores.

The great challenge of Amazon televisions

Amazon’s first foray, if you can call it that, is arguably a safe bet. If, in addition, they replicate the strategy they have been using with their Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick and apply aggressive discounts during designated dates such as Black Friday, Prime Day, etc., they will get an interesting market share.

It will also be necessary to see what results they give, but with these prices it is obvious that those who bet on them will know that they will assume certain commitments in terms of quality that they would not allow in models superior ranges of other brands.

Finally, Amazon TVs appear to have been developed over two years by Amazon itself and its company Lab126. Even so, the manufacturing seems to correspond to third parties, being TCL (Chinese manufacturer) the chosen one.

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