All about Ms. Marvel, the new Disney + series

What is Ms. Marvel about?

To date, there is little information about what the synopsis of the series will be or what the six chapters of which it consists of will deal with. for now We only know qualities of the character that connect with the comics themselves: student atmosphere, handsome hunks who fall in love and popular evil students who mess with Kamala as soon as they can. It is evident, however, that it is a first season initiationthat is, it will tell us about the origins of Ms. Marvel and the circumstances that surround her, although it will not be until the arrival of new movies and series from the UCM that we end up verifying her true weight within phase 4 in which we find ourselves .

Punch from Ms. Marvel.

Officially, Ms. Marvel is about a teenager, Kamala Khan, American and Muslim who lives in Jersey City and who could be considered a true geek. This leads her to have an overflowing imagination with a special inclination to practically live the adventures of her favorite superheroes as her own, especially Captain Marvel. The problem is that from so much living in her fantasy, she ends up not fitting in at home and at school… until she becomes a girl with extraordinary superpowers. How do you think she will take it?

The cast of the series

for the role of Kamala Kahn Disney has opted for the Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani, who will be in charge of giving life to the superheroine. His family background, as in the comics, will be important so we will meet his parents Muneeba, played by Zenobia Shroff, and Yusuf, who is played by Mohan Kapur. The older brother will be in charge of the actor Saagar Shaikh and all of them will attend (without knowing) the birth of a new reference in the Marvel universe.

Beuno and Kamala, in Ms. Marvel.

But above the rest of the characters, Kamala has a bosom friend who could very well match with the Ned of spider-man by Tom Holland. A “chair boy” who will share that dreamy personality of the protagonist and will be able to accompany her on her journey to become a true Marvel superhero: this is Bruno Carrelli, played by Matt Lintz.

Outside that circle, in high school, we will have the handsome Kamran, who is played by Rish Shah, someone who already in the original comics was a character very close to Kamala’s family and who here, we assume, will maintain the same role: he is the most popular boy and for whom all the girls in high school sigh who, if he remains faithful to what some Ms. Marvel comics narrate, there comes a time when she also acquires supernatural powers. Although it gives us that in this first season the argument will not go so far.

Zoe Zimmerman, from Ms. Marvel.

In addition to that circle of friendship and family, Kamala will have clashes with some characters from the institute and Zoe Zimmer, played by Laurel Mardsen, will be its main antagonist, the typical character you’re hoping Ms. Marvel will sing for you, but the need to remain anonymous will abort any temptation to take the problems further. In the trailer you can see her with some red horns drawn marking those distances with which she will be the main protagonist. And the villains? Well, we will explain that to you a little further down.

When it premieres?

Even though Ms Marvel It was scheduled to arrive a little earlier, in 2021, the adjustment that Disney had to make on last year’s premieres left Kamala and all her friends in a bad way. Anyway, thanks to the latest trailer released on March 15, 2022, we already have a date to take to the mouth, and it will be next June 8, Wednesday, at which time the UCM plans will continue within the streaming platform.

Ms. Marvel release date.

When Ms Marvel reaches the catalog (with its six episodes that will be released on June 15, 22 and 29, and July 6 and 13) a total of five fictions based on UCM characters will have been completed that, to a greater or lesser extent, will impact in phase 4 which is underway. Namely, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawk Eye, moon knight and is starring Kamala Kahn.

Who will Ms. Marvel fight?

And we come to the heart of the story. What will be the antagonist of this Captain Marvel apprentice? Unfortunately, Disney measures very much the information that she publishes and both in the official trailer and in the poster there are no clues that allow us to get an idea Where are the shots going? The most we get is to make out what four soldiers look like against the light, so you can barely see who they are.

In any case, fans, faithful to their habit of launching theories before the premieres of certain series and movies, are already imagining a first season with one of Kamala Kahn’s classic supervillains. Specifically a strange bird-like being known as The Inventorand that she is one of Ms. Marvel’s opponents best known for being one of the first to appear in her comics.

The Inventor, Birdman.

The story behind it is quite curious because it is the product of an experiment conducted by a scientist named Gregory Knox who, in his eagerness to develop a clone of Thomas Edison, ended up as the Rosario de la Aurora when the DNA used was contaminated with samples from his pet. The result? A half-man, half-bird creature who managed to settle in a factory on the outskirts of Jersey City and start operating under the nickname of The Inventor.

series trailer

The last of the trailers that you have available was published on March 15, 2022. And it is this:

series poster

At the same time that the new trailer arrived, Disney took the opportunity to present the official poster:

Official poster of Ms. Marvel.

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