All about the strange and Christmas trailer of Hawkeye

Hawkeye, first official trailer

Disney + surprised a few days ago with the first official trailer of what will be his next series based on the universe of Marvel superheroes: Hawkeye or Hawkeye. So, in case you have not seen it yet, below we leave you both the English version and the one dubbed into Spanish. And when you’re done, keep reading because we’re going to tell you all those details that you might have missed.

Hawkeye Official Trailer

Hawkeye Official Trailer (Spanish)

The secrets of the Hawkeye trailer

These are going to be an entertaining Christmas and we do not say it, it is Clint Barton himself who refers to it at the end of his own trailer. And is that the action will take place on Christmas dates, with a New York City as the main setting.

Curiously, it will be the second Marvel production that will play with that period, the first was Iron Man 3 and the next will be the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special.

Recovering lost time

The events to be seen in the new Hawkeye series will take place after the events of Endgame. What’s more, it is the first Christmas after a long time that you can celebrate with your family. This is what Clint says as he tells his children that he is making up for lost time.

By the way, Clint Barton’s wife doesn’t come out. The reason? We are not clear if it is because the role was too small or because there was no agreement with the actress.

Captain America has a musical

Okay, he’s not the real Steve Rogers, but Cap has his own Broadway musical. Roger: The Musical is what can be read on the posters of one of the theaters in the popular area of ​​the city. Which by the way, seem to represent the battle of New York.

Ronin is back, but he’s not Clint Barton

In the trailer we see how the figure of Ronin appears, but also Clint Barton watching the images on a television and it is not him. Here it is Kate bishop the one who assumes the role of vigilante, which is why both characters will really get to know each other and will give rise to the beginning of the whole plot.

This dog is in the comics

And that? Lucky It is the name of Hawkeye’s dog in the comics and the first time we are going to see him in the MCU. As a curiosity, the dog only has one eye because he lost it in a fight in which he helped Clint Barton. In gratitude, he adopts it.

Who is Echo?

In a fleeting way you can see the character of Threw out. This is that of a Kingpin-raised assassin who has the ability to copy any move. In the comics she is bad, but then she goes over to the side of the good guys like Clint and Natasha did at the time. In addition, Echo will have its own series on Disney + and buy you a physical feature with Hawkeye that we talk about later.

Lots of inspiration from Matt Fraction and David Aja comics

The comics that these two authors made about Hawkeye seem to have a lot of weight in the style of the series and even history. Those who have read these publications will see many common elements such as the band dressed in those characteristic tracksuits (TruckSuit Draculas Mafia), cars and even the logo.

Kate Bishop, a new avenger

In the comics again, Kate bishop he admires Clint Barton. She in turn considers herself the best archer in the world, so she wants to get his attention and teach her along the way. Or does he do it so that he can protect himself? We will see, but it is clear that here we have a future avenger within the new phase of the UCM.

In addition, seeing that Clint Barton increasingly uses ice bags to recover from blows and others, it seems logical that they use the series to give the relief to the character played by Jeremy Renner.

Eleanor Bishop

If Kate is the future Hawkeye, Eleanor Bishop She is his mother and could also play an important role in the plot. For now, we must remember that photos were seen of the recording set with Eleanor and Jack Duquesne, who is known as Swordsman and was Clint Barton’s mentor when he was young.

Clint Barton and the hearing impaired

When it is said that there are those who look at every detail of the trailers it is because of things like these. Clint Barton in the comics is almost 80% deaf. In the series he is seen in some scenes with something in his ear that would allow him to hear without any problem.

This is interpreted by some as a way to make visible and represent all those people with hearing problems. Something that would add up considering that women, people of color and even members of the LGTBQ + community have also been given prominence. Without forgetting that, together with Echo, this group would be even more represented.

The return of the trick arrows

Hawkeye is not a special being, with strength from another planet or anything similar. Its great value is the ability it has to hit with its arrow where it puts the eye. Even so, in the movies, many fans of this expert shooter have criticized the fact that their own roles were not given more prominence. arrows and bow.

In the Hawkeye series it seems that the different arrows that Clint Barton has and their corresponding tricks will gain prominence. So, we will see what they surprise us with and if they end up doing it.

Will Ylena Belova appear in the Hawkeye series?

Finally, the plot of the series is not well known or who is behind that threat to Kate Bishop, for pretending to be Ronin, and to Clint Barton himself. However, a theory that circulates around there is that of Ylena Belova.

In the post credits scene of Black Widow, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine appears and tells her, while Ylena is on Natasha Romanov’s grave that it was Clint Barton who killed her. So it could fit perfectly.

What a Christmas

There is no doubt that the Hawkeye series it may indeed be the Christmas series. The setting itself and the tone in which they will tell it is sure to help. So you know, get ready for him November 24. Before, yes, we will have to see Eternals and catch up if you are missing any of the series already available on Marvel’s Disney +.

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