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Adidas Marvel sneakers for adults

Within that collaboration between Disney and Marvel, in the adult line, we have two main models, one that is already available and another that will be launched in the spring of 2022, in addition to some older shoes that are more difficult to find.

Adidas Marvel shoes, Stan Smith model of Hulk and Thor

The Marvel sneaker model by Adidas that you can find right now for adults is within his legendary Stan Smith collection.

These legendary sneakers were created in 1963 by the German brand. Made of white leather, they were hugely popular with tennis players, and in 1978 Adidas renamed the line in honor of the famous American tennis player Stan Smith.

They were so successful in the 1980s that Smith’s name is remembered today more for the shoes than for the tennis player. Are the most successful line and they never go out of styleSo it’s no wonder that Adidas chose her for their collaboration with Marvel.

This takes the form of Stan Smith from Hulk and Thor. Designed with the classic shape, they differ in that they abandon the usual white for black and the shoes are different from each other.

Thor’s has the superhero’s name and a discreet white hammer-shaped ornament. In addition, the finishes and the interior are in red. The Thor silhouette also appears on the tongue label in that color, along with the Adidas symbol and the Stan Smith designation.

Hulk’s shoe is identical in design, but changes the color of the toe and interior to green. Obviously, the name and the heel adornment also change, which is a fist instead of the hammer.

Its price in the Adidas online store? In line with the rest of Stan Smith, about 100 euros.

Adidas Marvel Forum Mid Sneakers of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Mid Forum Guardians

The next collaboration between Adidas and Marvel comes in the form of a Forum Mid, the mid-cut basketball shoes that protects the ankle.

We find again the leather in red, combined with black and a green label on the tongue that says Guardians, along with a minimalist symbol of the Guardians of the Galaxy in black.

These shoes are not available yet, but will arrive by spring 2022, specifically on March 22, for a price of about 110 euros in its official online store.

As you can see from the photos, we find again an adult sneaker that, despite the red color, nothing garish, they are elegant and do not infantilize the design due to the fact that they are dedicated to superheroes.

You can find both this model and the previous one for men and women in different sizes, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting them.

80 years of Marvel sneakers

If you are lucky, you can still find some loose models of the Am4 sneaker at tribute to 80 years of Marvel, which was a collaboration with Adidas for that anniversary.

But yes, more than 300 euros for a collector’s item.

Marvel’s Crazyflight Mid

Crazy Flight Marvel

This mid-calf volleyball shoe model is available only for women and, currently, it is sold out.

It is a generic collaboration between Adidas and Marvel, without dedicating to any specific superhero. In fact, on the tongue label the logos of the two brands appear together, without specifying anything else.

In white with beige decoration (imitating being dirty with dust), the truth is that they had a very peculiar style.

Adidas Marvel sneakers for kids

In the Adidas and Marvel models for children we have more variety and more colorful and childish designs. Mainly dedicated to two of the most popular superheroes, Spider-Man and Hulk, there is also a generic line called, simply, Super Hero, as well as some model of Captain America.

Let’s take a look at all the Adidas Marvel sneakers for boys.

Spider-Man TR21 Racer Shoes

TR 21 Spiderman

In its Racer TR21 line, we find the Spider-Man shoes in the classic colors white, blue and, above all, red from the wall-crawler. The laces and laces with velcro strip reinforcement are practically identical, with Spider-man drawing on the instep and a spiderweb decoration all over the boot.

Hulk Racer TR21 Shoes

TR 21 Hulk

In this shoe design we also find the Hulk model. From green color, with purple trim and white sole, the word Smash the sneaker is prominently extended, along with a Hulk drawing, in this case, on the side instead of the instep.

Advantage Spider-Man Sneakers

Within the Advantage collection, we meet again Spider-man and Hulk. The classic line with velcro strap closures on a somewhat more discreet design.

The Spider-Man pattern and embellishments are concentrated towards the heel in this case.

Advantage Hulk Sneakers

The Hulk model is mostly white, with a picture of the Hulk next to the word Smash in colors and a black finish on the heel.

Captain America Breaknet Sneaker

In white with red trims imitating the stripes of the American flag, and decoration of white stars on a blue background on the heel. Very Captain America style, which He is also portrayed in the rear of the shoe.

The model with only velcro straps for the little ones is out of stock, but you can still find it in drawstring with a velcro reinforcement.

Spider-Man BOA Fortarun Sneakers

These mid-cut running shoes change the Spider-Man design somewhat by turning it upside down. The blue dominates and the ornaments are in red.

BOA Fortarun Spiderman

Spider-Man Fortarun Slippers

Within the classic model of the Fortarun line we also find one dedicated to Spider-Man. Dark blue with orange red and black and white accents for boys’ all-terrain gymnastics shoes.

Marvel Spider-Man Tensaur Run Shoes

Without a doubt, Peter Parker is the one who repeats the most at Adidas, and he also has a model within the line running from Tensaur Run. With superhero drawing on the side on white cobweb background.

Marvel X Ghosted Football Boot

Entering the specialized lines, we have the Marvel X Ghosted football boots by Adidas, dedicated to the X-Men, in yellow and blue with some red trim.

Marvel FortaRun Super Hero and Super Hero Adventures

On the line running for children, we have these two models, the Super Hero in red, with generic Marvel Super Hero decoration on the heel and the reinforcement velcro strip.

The super Hero Adventures is black with red trim and white trim of the three typical Adidas lines.

ActiveFlex BOA Marvel Super Hero Adventures

In cyan blue, this model is adorned with various circular symbols of superheroes throughout its surface, from Captain America’s shield to the silhouette of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man face.

Fortarun Marvel

Adidas Tensaur Super Heroes Marvel Sneakers

Tensaur Marvel

Tensaur for very young children also have a generic Marvel Super Heroes model in red with velcro fasteners and blue and white trims, with stars imitating the American flag.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options if we want to show our love for Marvel superheroes and, at the same time, not abandon our favorite brand of sports shoes. In fact, there have been more models, because the collaboration between Adidas and Marvel has been very fruitful, but these are all the ones that you can find more easily right now.

This article contains affiliate links, The Output could receive a small commission if you buy some of what is here, but Adidas has not influenced the shoes that appear, nor has there been any other motivation than to show you the largest collection of Marvel sneakers you can buy today.

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