All AirPods models on sale on Prime Day

We are on the last day of Amazon Prime Day and how could it be otherwise, one of Apple’s star devices such as AirPods is also discounted on all existing models. So, if you were thinking of renewing your headphones, take a look at this post if you want to know how much you can save on headphones from the Cupertino company.

discounts available

Finding a good discount on Apple products is certainly not an easy task, since the company itself rarely lowers the price of the equipment it sells within the Apple Store, whether online or physical. For this reason, whenever there is the possibility of acquiring one of them at a lower price, as is the case now with Amazon and Prime Day, you have to take advantage of it, especially if you were thinking of changing your headphones or simply buying new ones. Then we leave you the discounts that you have available.

  • Second generation AirPods: 30 euros discount.
  • Third generation AirPods: 29 euros discount.

  • AirPods Pro: 60 euros discount.

You also have to keep in mind that this week you will surely not only find this succulent offer in the different models of AirPods, but in many other Apple devices or even accessories and gadgets ideal to be able to use them together with your teams from the Cupertino company. since both yesterday and today it is celebrated in Amazon Prime Day, so the opportunities to acquire different devices at a lower price than usual skyrocket. We leave you below our offers page where we will provide you with the most outstanding opportunities.

Which ones are the best for you?

Surely, the doubt that potential buyers of this equipment have is which of the three models is the one that will best be able to satisfy the needs they have on a day-to-day basis. Well, we are going to try to clarify it for you in the best possible way. We start with the second generation airpods, which are the ones that have been on the market the longest and also those with fairer specifications. They sound very good while they are really comfortable, however, they do not have noise cancellation, something that you have to take into account and decide if you want to have it or not.


Targeting a similar audience, there are the 3rd generation AirPods, in this case the jump in sound quality with respect to the second generation is very large. They are compatible with spatial audio and lossless audio from Apple Music, as well as having a different design, completely similar to that of the AirPods Pro, but without the rubber band, and consequently, without noise cancellation, and we could say that AirPods 3 are AirPods Pro but without that functionality.

AirPods Pro vs AirPods 3

Lastly, the AirPods Pro, the most expensive but also those with more and better specifications. At the sound level, both the Pro and the AirPods 3 have the same options, they are compatible with spatial audio and lossless audio, but the Pros do have noise cancellation, as well as one of the best on the market. Finally, we can define them as off-road headphones, since they will help you to carry out practically any task.

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